Center for Islamic PluralismCenter for Islamic PluralismCenter for Islamic Pluralism

Writings by Imaad Malik

Title Publication Date
New York Terror Plot Spotlights Radical Islam in Prisons Islamist Watch May 22, 2009
Jihadism in European Prisons Islamist Watch May 14, 2009
CIP Issues 2nd Report: "Black America, Prisons, and Radical Islam" CIP September 11, 2008
Islam and America in the 21st Century Family Security Matters September 5, 2007
Islam and Interfaith Relations After 9/11 Family Security Matters May 3, 2007
Creating a Judeo-Islamic Peace Movement Family Security Matters February 13, 2007
Muslims Must Reach Out To Christians And Jews Family Security Matters September 26, 2006
American Muslims' Role in the Global War On Terror Family Security Matters September 18, 2006
Islam and American Democracy Family Security Matters August 21, 2006

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