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Title Publication Date
Solidarity With Rohingya Muslims Equal Rights Trust [London] May 21, 2015
Origin and Evolution of Human Society in Ibn Khaldun's Philosophy of Human Development Madeenathunoor College of Islamic Science, Kozhikode, Kerala, India March 11, 2015
Serbia and Albania Revolutionary History [UK], "The Balkan Socialist Tradition," 2003 February 24, 2014
Preshëva-Bujanoc-Medvegja Valley Islamic Community Accuses "Mufti" Tërnava of Despotism Koha Ditore [Prishtina, Kosova] August 29, 2013
Conflict Among Islamic Believers Dnevnik [Macedonia] June 3, 2013
The Sharia Conundrum Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow [Toronto] March 26, 2013
Guilty Verdict of Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal on Abdul Quader Molla International Crimes Tribunal, Dhaka, Bangladesh February 5, 2013
On the Historical Muhammad Axial [Kingsville, Ontario] Fall 2012
David Harland's attack on the ICTY Greater Surbiton [London] December 17, 2012
Why I Love Sufi Islam Dawn [Pakistan] September 7, 2012
Nazareth's Sufis bullied by fellow Muslims Haaretz [Israel] August 10, 2012
Search for a Missing Son Radio Free Asia May 11, 2012
Sufism in India Indo-Asian News Service [India] April 24, 2012
Interview with Kamran Pasha Islam Sight [Malappuram, Kerala, India] August 15, 2011
Remembering Srebrenica The Weekly Standard Blog July 12, 2010
A Dervish's Dream for Iran Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty February 22, 2010
A New Relationship between Muslims and Jews is required October 27, 2009
'Flying imams' case is settled at our expense [Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN] October 25, 2009
How Peaceful Is Pacifism? The Wall Street Journal Online August 6, 2009
INTERVIEW: Greek journalist sued for writing about Greek paramilitaries in Bosnia Congress of North American Bosniaks August 5, 2009
Kosovo and the American Citizen Soldier of the National Guard Townhall July 17, 2009
Serbia Flaunts its Palestinian Connection Illyria [New York] July 10, 2009
From Visiting Graves to Their Destruction Brandeis University Crown Center for Middle East Studies July 2009
Note on Ondrej Beranek and Pavel Tupek, "From Visiting Graves to Their Destruction." CIP July 2009
Thank You America – And Damn You, You Bastards Al-Bayyna Al-Jadida [Baghdad] July 1, 2009
Breath Control and Breath Monitoring as Methods of Invocation Oriens [Leiden/Boston] February 2009
The Battle Against Wahhabism Heats Up! Express [Kosova] January 17, 2009
Nine Wahhabi Thugs Arrested in Kosova Express [Kosova] January 14, 2009
Beyond Extremes: Qanta Ahmed Charleston Magazine [South Carolina] September 8, 2008
Islamist ideology and its effect on the daily life of women, especially professionals, in Saudi Arabia The Diane Rehm Show September 4, 2008
Dr. Qanta Ahmed on Women in Saudi Arabia Associated Press/Canadian Press August 18, 2008
How Kosovo Created its Own Liberal Islam [London] July 7, 2008
Protest Arrest of Shia Cleric in Saudi Arabia Human Rights First Society [Saudi Arabia] June 26, 2008
A Dark Corner of Europe, Part II Totten's Middle East Journal June 10, 2008
Interview with Dalia Fadila of the Al-Qasemi Academy in Israel Illyria [New York] April 14, 2008
On Kosovo's Fields The Wall Street Journal February 29, 2008
In the name of God: the Saudi rape victim's tale The Independent [London] November 29, 2007
Musharraf's Last Act? Boston Herald November 6, 2007
Jewish memorial to honor Albanians who saved Jews in World War II The Jerusalem Post October 29, 2007
"They are wolf-dogs, they will attack our children" – Bosnian Villagers in Clash With Wahhabis Bosnia-Hercegovina TV1 March 4, 2007
Bosnia cleric reaches out to Utahns Deseret Morning News March 4, 2007
We Are Our Own Enemies Ottawa Citizen February 26, 2007
The scathing scholar Ottawa Citizen February 6, 2007
Prof. Michael Sells on Ali al-Timimi and Wahhabi Version of Qur'an University of Chicago Divinity School December 20, 2006
On the Criticisms by Rešid Hafizović Rijaset November 26, 2006
Uneducated youth embrace Wahhabism Vijesti [Montenegro] October 14, 2006
Basic Document of Chief Muslim Cleric Mustafa Cerić on Problems in Bosnia Rijaset August 11, 2006
Obey your country's laws, Marje Sistani urges Muslims in West Jafariya News June 15, 2006
Islamist Death List Includes U.S., Canadian Residents Asharq Al-Awsat [London]/CIP April 12, 2006
Danger! Wahhabis on the march in the Albanian lands Koha Ditore [Kosova] November 15, 2005
Kosova and the Threat of Terrorism [Albania] September 14, 2005
CIP as Described by Saudi Hate Site Alsaha August 24, 2005
Destructive Interpretation Koha Ditore [Kosova] August 3, 2005
Dr. Sami Angawi on Wahhabi Desecration of Makkah CIP July 12, 2005
Remarks on Ismail Kadare Vest [Macedonia] February 25, 2002
Kosovo on Hold The Nation [New York] April 17, 2000
Robert Elsie on Albanian Muslim and Bektashi Sufi Writers Albanian Catholic Bulletin [San Francisco] 2004 Annual


Book Title Publication Date
In the Land of Invisible Women
by Qanta Ahmed
Courant Entertainment AP August 26, 2008
In the Land of Invisible Women: A female Doctor's Journy in the Saudi Kingdom
by Qanta Ahmed
Fore Word August 1, 2008
Radical Islam's Rules: The Worldwide Spread of Extreme Shari'a Law
by Paul Marshall September 3, 2005

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