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Title Publication Date
The New York Times Rediscovers the Bosnian Genocide OpEdNews November 26, 2018
Jamal Khashoggi CIP October 18, 2018
Who Kills Journalists? OpEdNews October 13, 2018
'Hajj Hackathon' betrays Saudi confusion Jenny Taylor Media August 31, 2018
Reform or repression? Saudi's new ruler plays both ways Jenny Taylor Media June 6, 2018
Contribution to a Bibliography of Anti-Soviet Thought Frontpagemag May 18, 2018
Our Founder and Social Media CIP December 25, 2017
Who is S. Auden Schwartz? The Boston Globe December 6, 2017
Earthly Beauty November 26, 2017
Greetings for an Antifascist Bajram Illyria [New York] September 1, 2017
Homage to Barcelona -- Homenatge a Barcelona -- Amb text en català. Center for Islamic Pluralism August 16, 2017
Syria Has Effectively Ceased to Exist Foreign Policy May 19, 2017
Questions About the 'Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council' The Weekly Standard Blog February 1, 2017
UK education authorities struggling to crack down on illegal Islamic schools Lapido Media [London] November 23, 2016
U.S. Sentences Kosovar Albanian ISIS Hacker Ardit Ferizi to 20 Years in Prison The Weekly Standard Blog September 27, 2016
World Sufi Forum Decries Kashmir Terror Attack World Sufi Forum September 19, 2016
ICC Ignores Ideological Motive in Timbuktu Crimes CIP September 17, 2016
No Saudi Surprises In 9-11 Commission's '28 Pages' The Huffington Post July 20, 2016
Saudis Announce a Turn Away from Wahhabi Cultural Vandalism The Weekly Standard Blog July 19, 2016
Indian Sufis Call for Liberation of Makkah and Madinah Sufi Voice of India [SUVOI] July 15, 2016
Zakir Naik: More Hype than Hope for Muslims CIP July 15, 2016
Ramadan ends in blood Lapido Media [London] July 13, 2016
An Anti-Terror Success Story The Weekly Standard July 11, 2016
Muslims in Kerala, India, Welcome the Night of Power CIP July 2, 2016
Bosnia Seeks Stiffer Penalty for Local ISIS Recruiter The Weekly Standard Blog April 12, 2016
Meet America's Foremost Advocate of Islamic Pluralism Clarion Project April 12, 2016
Saudi Arabia and its links to 'Islamic State' Lapido Media [London] February 12, 2016
Regulation of UK madrassas is acceptable to spiritual and traditional Muslims Lapido Media [London] January 21, 2016
Terror and Radical Islam in India and Pakistan Cafe Dissensus [New York] January 21, 2016
Sufism and Islamic Tradition Defeat Fundamentalism in Kerala, India CIP January 14, 2016
Norway Ready to Rid Itself of Radical Mullah Krekar The Weekly Standard Blog January 11, 2016
CIP 2015 Appeal for End-of-Year Donations CIP December 27, 2015
An Interfaith Example for the Holiday Season The Huffington Post December 21, 2015
In Saudi Arabia's Local Elections, (Some) Women Vote and Win The Weekly Standard Blog December 14, 2015
Islamic Pluralism and South Asia CIP December 11, 2015
America's Response to Mass Shootings Is Always Insufficient The Huffington Post December 4, 2015
The New Paris Horror and the Putin Trap The Huffington Post November 19, 2015
Francis in Sarajevo First Things November 2015
Blood and Ballots in Turkey TheWorldPost [The Huffington Post and Berggruen Institute on Governance] October 26, 2015
The vicious theology that links Saudi Arabia and ISIS Lapido Media [London] October 14, 2015
Is the beleaguered Saudi kingdom headed for collapse? Lapido Media [London] October 7, 2015
The Crimes at Palmyra The Huffington Post September 3, 2015
The Writings of Saudi Blogger Raif Badawi The Huffington Post July 8, 2015
Kosova vs. Iranians and ISIS The Weekly Standard Blog June 30, 2015
The Bektashi Sufis Should Join the Kosova Sufi Union [BTK] Illyria [New York] June 22, 2015
Ramadan in Kerala, India CIP June 18, 2015
Indian Sufis Versus Wahhabi Infiltrators Sufi Voice of India [SUVOI] June 13, 2015
A Model for Moderate Muslims The Huffington Post May 12, 2015
Malice in Dallas The Huffington Post May 5, 2015
Over 200 Kosovars Fighting For Islamic State In Iraq, Syria: Report International Business Times April 16, 2015
Zakir Naik, Radical Islamist Video Evangelist The Huffington Post March 27, 2015
Is Turkey's Erdoğan in Decline? Gatestone Institute March 4, 2015
My meeting with Mohammed Emwazi's friend as they sought a radical path The Guardian Online [London] February 28, 2015
Bosnian Muslims Take on ISIS The Weekly Standard Blog February 24, 2015
Sorting Out the Saudi Succession The Weekly Standard Blog February 3, 2015
US$3 billion a year to produce extremists O Estado de São Paulo (Brazil) January 18, 2015
CIP Protests Report Saudi Blogger Will Be Flogged CIP January 8, 2015
Bosnian Muslims Celebrate an Islamic Christmas First Things Blog January 6, 2015
Indian Sufi Condemns Pakistan Massacre Tahreek–e-Tahaffuz-e-Mazarat-e-Auliya Allah December 18, 2014
Indian Muslim Leader Denounces Wahhabism in Peshawar Bloodshed All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board December 17, 2014
Saudi Arabia Challenged on Women Driving by Protest The Weekly Standard Blog November 17, 2014
Mecca under threat The Independent [London] November 12, 2014
The Kurds in Turkey and the Fight for Kobani Gatestone Institute October 26, 2014
Saudi Wahhabism and ISIS Wahhabism: The Difference The Weekly Standard Blog October 21, 2014
Saudi overhaul reshapes Islam's holiest city Makkah Gulf News [Dubai] October 3, 2014
#BurnISISFlagChallenge in Kosova Gatestone Institute September 25, 2014
Indian Sufis Welcome Statement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Al-Zawahiri All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board September 20, 2014
Reporters Without Borders Demands Protection for Kosovar Investigative Journalist The Huffington Post September 5, 2014
Schwartz Letter to Financial Times: "Wahhabism Exists" Financial Times [London] September 3, 2014
Curing Wahhabism, The "Syphilis of Islam" Islamidades [Brazil-México] August 18, 2014
ISIS and the Kosovar Albanians The Huffington Post August 12, 2014
Extreme Wahhabism on Display in Shrine Destruction in Mosul Gatestone Institute August 4, 2014
The Coming of Eid al-Fitr The Huffington Post July 24, 2014
Sunni Muslims Must Reject ISIS "Caliphate" Gatestone Institute July 20, 2014
Kudos to the Iraqi Kurds The Weekly Standard Blog July 16, 2014
Ramadan Amid the New Middle East Crisis The Huffington Post June 27, 2014
German Alevi Muslims Vs. Wahhabis at Macedonian Bektashi Shrine Illyria [New York] May 23, 2014
Islamist Terror Challenge Continues in Britain Gatestone Institute March 20, 2014
Radical Islam's Intimidation in Kosova Gatestone Institute March 5, 2014
The Kosovar Self-Determination Movement [Lëvizja Vetëvendosje!] Shuns Me For Opposing Radical Islam Express [Prishtina, Kosova] February 18-19, 2014
Saudi Arabia Against Jihad Recruitment for Syria The Weekly Standard Blog February 13, 2014
Indian Moderate Muslims To Meet at Ajmer Sharif All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board February 10, 2014
Without the permission of Waqf members, Waqf property should not be used by others All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board January 26, 2014
Kosova Political Leaders Challenge Islamists The Weekly Standard Blog January 20, 2014
Sunni Sufi Anti-Radical Conference in India All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board December 15, 2013
Georgetown University Hosts 9/11 Truther The Washington Free Beacon November 22, 2013
Saudi Women Driving – Toward More Reforms? The Weekly Standard Blog October 28, 2013
Old Mecca falls, luxury hotels rise The Art Newspaper [London] October 2013
New Islamist Approach to Turks in Germany Gatestone Institute October 11, 2013
Al-Qaida Terror Returns to Kenya Gatestone Institute September 30, 2013
CIP Endorses Statement of the Revolutionary Left Current in Syria CIP September 25, 2013
The shadow of scandal at the top of the Islamic Community of Kosova Illyria [New York] September 6, 2013
Radical Coup in Kosova Muslim Leadership The Weekly Standard Blog September 5, 2013
"Mufti" Tërnava with plagiarized master's thesis Koha Ditore [Prishtina, Kosova] September 5, 2013
On the Credentials of Naim Tërnava as Reis ul-Ulema of the Republic of Kosova CIP September 4, 2013
One Year After -- Radical Islamists, violent and dangerous MAPO [Tirana] August 29, 2013
Eid Al-Fitr – Bayram Greetings A.H. 1434 CIP August 8, 2013
Radical Islamists Reach for Control Over Kosova Muslims The Weekly Standard Blog August 7, 2013
FGM Debate Continues in Muslim Lands Gatestone Institute July 18, 2013
Fear of Syrian Sectarianism Spreads Beyond Middle East to Other Muslims The Weekly Standard Blog July 9, 2013
Save India from Wahhabism All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board June 30, 2013
CIP Executive Director Schwartz Speaks on Sufi Self-Defense Hudson Institute June 15, 2013
An Appeal to International Organisations Against Attacks and Atrocities At Sacred Sites CIP May 15, 2013
Britain's Feckless, Two-Faced Approach to Radical Islam Gatestone Institute May 8, 2013
CIP Executive Director Endorses Denial of Islamic Funeral for Terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev CIP May 7, 2013
The Boston Horrors and Wahhabism in Chechnya The Weekly Standard Blog April 24, 2013
Shariah Councils in Britain are 'archaic', 'incompetent' - and increasingly popular Lapido Media [London] April 24, 2013
The Boston Atrocities, Chechens, Wahhabism, and Sufism CIP April 19, 2013
Resistance to Islamist Infiltration Continues in Kosova and Albania The Weekly Standard Blog April 12, 2013
The photos Saudi Arabia doesn't want seen – and proof Islam's most holy relics are being demolished in Mecca The Independent [London] March 17, 2013
The War of Ideologies in the Arab World Gatestone Institute February 25, 2013
The Islamic Urbanist Tradition Is in Danger of Going Extinct The Atlantic Online February 22, 2013
Kosova Radical Islamists In New Political Offensive The Weekly Standard Blog February 13, 2013
Save India from Taliban All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board February 10, 2013
Attacks on Sufi Mystics Warn of Wider Islamist Carnage The Weekly Standard Blog January 31, 2013
Indian Muslims March in Protest Against Saudi Wahhabi Cultural Vandalism All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board January 14, 2013
Islamic Fundamentalists in North America Folksmagazine [India] January 12, 2013
The Saudis' PR 'Roads' Show National Review Online January 9, 2013
Kosova Still the Balkan Front Line Against Radical Islam The Weekly Standard Blog January 3, 2013
Albania's Abstention on Palestine U.N. Vote and the Islamist Response The Weekly Standard Blog December 14, 2012
"Turning Mecca into Las Vegas" Gatestone Institute December 12, 2012
Letter on Cultural Genocide of Islam in Saudi Arabia All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board December 9, 2012
Fireworks in the Rain The Weekly Standard Blog December 6, 2012
Saudi Arabia's New Interior Minister and Old Wahhabi Habits The Weekly Standard Blog November 28, 2012
Saudis Report Revised Plans for Modernization of Prophet's Mosque in Madinah CIP November 21, 2012
Islamist Rivals Eyeing Afghan Future The Weekly Standard Blog November 15, 2012
Why Did U.S. Security Fail in Benghazi? Folksmagazine [India] November 5, 2012
Wahhabi Vandalism In Morocco and Tunisia Gatestone Institute November 5, 2012
"Neo-Salafi" Fallacies And Muslim Reaction to Insults Against Muhammad Folksmagazine [India] September 20, 2012
CIP Condemns Wahhabi Atrocities in Libya and Attack on U.S. Embassy in Egypt CIP September 12, 2012
The Legacy of September 11, 2001 CIP September 11, 2012
Educated Professionals and Jihadism in South Asia Folksmagazine [India] September 7, 2012
Puritan zealots strike again in Libya Lapido Media [London] September 6, 2012
How Radical Islam Infiltrates Kosova The Weekly Standard Blog August 30, 2012
Somalia's Piracy Compromises Its Neighbors The Weekly Standard Blog August 22, 2012
Study says Kosova Islamic community funded by group linked to terrorism Koha Ditore [Prishtina, Kosova] August 17, 2012
Wahhabi Vandalism Reaches Timbuktu Gatestone Institute July 12, 2012
Top Saudi Cleric: Ban Christian Churches in Arabia Gatestone Institute May 23, 2012
Wahhabi Internal Contradictions as Saudi Arabia Seeks Wider Gulf Leadership The Weekly Standard Blog May 21, 2012
The Egyptian Election and the Muslim Brotherhood Folksmagazine [India] May 20, 2012
CIP Director Schwartz Replies to Hartford Seminary Letter The Jewish Ledger [Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.] May 9, 2012
Saudi Crown Prince's Medical Visit to the United States The Weekly Standard Blog March 13, 2012
Sufis Under Fire in Macedonia Inside Islam [University of Wisconsin/Wisconsin Public Radio] February 22, 2012
The Hajj exhibition is in stark contrast to Saudi Arabia's cultural vandalism The Guardian Online [London] January 27, 2012
Saudi King's Reform Step vs. Crown Prince's Ambitious Wahhabism The Weekly Standard Blog January 3, 2012
India: Rajasthan Authorities Favor Barelvis, Rejecting Wahhabi Infiltrators Folksmagazine [India] December 20, 2011
The Nour Party Hudson Institute New York December 19, 2011
Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia 2011
Zakir Naik: A danger to India and its Muslims Lapido Media [London] December 1, 2011
Islamist Terrorism in Bosnia as Turkish Interference Continues in the Balkans The Weekly Standard Blog November 3, 2011
New Saudi Crown Prince: Friend of the Wahhabists Family Security Matters November 2, 2011
Saudi Arabia - The Shadow of Prince Nayef Hudson Institute New York October 24, 2011
Indian Muslims Increasing Resistance to Wahhabi Incursion The Weekly Standard Blog October 20, 2011
Mecca for the rich The Independent [London] September 24, 2011
Is the Taking of Tripoli the Turning Point? Folksmagazine [India[ August 28, 2011
The Family Cseresnyés/Čerešnješ American Communist History [New York] August 2011
Indonesia Bans Labor to Saudi Arabia After Beheading of Grandmother Hudson Institute New York August 15, 2011
Extortionate rates in Mecca an obstacle to Ramadan pilgrims Lapido Media [London] August 10, 2011
Kosovar Albanians Confront Wahhabi Agitators The Weekly Standard Blog July 26, 2011
Wahhabism, Terrorism, Islam Islam Sight [Malappuram, Kerala, India] July 25, 2011
Berkeley-CAIR Islamophobia Report: 'No There, There' American Thinker July 17, 2011
The Convert As Missionary Hudson Institute New York July 11, 2011
Arab Spring Gives Way to Summer of Protest in Balkans The Weekly Standard Blog July 6, 2011
A matter of spite Koha Ditore [Prishtina, Kosova] July 2, 2011
Mufti Fuad Express [Prishtina, Kosova] July 2, 2011
Schwartz: Fuad Ramiqi has ties to Hamas Koha Ditore [Prishtina, Kosova] July 1, 2011
Al-Azhar University's 'democracy' call leaves room for Islamism Lapido Media [London] June 29, 2011
Kosova Islam in Crisis The Huffington Post June 22, 2011
Defending Bosnia-Hercegovina From Radical Islam NewsGram [India] June 18, 2011
Saudi Arabia: Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied Hudson Institute New York June 13, 2011
On UK government strategy vs. radical Islam Evening Standard [London] June 10, 2011
The Front Line Against Wahhabism in the Muslim Balkans NewsGram [India] June 6, 2011
Saudi Wahhabis vs. Women Who Want to Drive Cars The Weekly Standard Blog May 25, 2011
Pakistani-American Muslim Clerics and the Taliban Hudson Institute New York May 16, 2011
None the wiser ten years on Lapido Media [London] May 12, 2011
Zam Zam in Danger Voice of the Cape [South Africa] May 10, 2011
Bin Laden and Pakistan The Huffington Post/NewsGram [India] May 10, 2011
Osama bin Laden did not deserve an Islamic burial The Guardian Online [London] May 7, 2011
Time for Muslims to expunge bin Laden Toronto Sun May 7, 2011
Is America a Nation of Book Burners? The Huffington Post April 13, 2011
Egyptian Muslim Fundamentalists Attack Sufis The Guardian Online [London] April 11, 2011
The Widening War Against Sufism NewsGram [India] April 9, 2011
Kryegjysh Boterorë Haxhi Dede Reshat Bardhi, 1935-2011 [as .pdf with photograph] Illyria [New York] April 5, 2011
How religion underwrites the unrest in Syria and Yemen Lapido Media [London] April 1, 2011
The Libyan Standard of Resistance The Weekly Standard Blog March 30, 2011
Greetings on Sulltan Nevruz [.pdf] Illyria [New York] March 25, 2011
Meditations on Sultan Nevruz Illyria [New York] March 25, 2011
Supreme leader of Wahhabism gets royal welcome in India Lapido Media [London] March 24, 2011
Gulf Cooperation Council Between Two Fires in Bahrain and Libya The Weekly Standard Blog March 22, 2011
Urbanised Islam behind Pakistan's Sufi shrine bombings Lapido Media [London] March 15, 2011
NY Police blogger Leonard Levitt NYPD Confidential & The Huffington Post [New York] March 14, 2011
Saudi Protests So Far Subdued The Weekly Standard Blog March 14, 2011
Voice of Moderates in Islam NewsGram [India] March 12, 2011
Kosovar Albanian in Frankfurt Terror Attack The Weekly Standard Blog March 3, 2011
Saudi Arabia and the Spectre of Protest Lapido Media [London] March 3, 2011
Double standard? The Daily Caller [Washington, DC] March 3, 2011
Ingrid Mattson American Thinker February 20, 2011
The Terrorist War Against Islam Academic Questions [New York] January 28, 2011
Saudi Wahhabis Accused of Removing Relics From the Time of Prophet Muhammad Shiite News January 22, 2011
Bloody start to New Year Toronto Sun January 8, 2011
The Saudi Succession Threat Frontpagemag December 21, 2010
Albania Jails Radical Imam, Welcomes New Synagogue The Weekly Standard Blog December 21, 2010
From Sweden to Macedonia The Weekly Standard Blog December 14, 2010
Iraqi Kurdistan Confronts FGM Hudson Institute New York December 6, 2010
Attacks on Sufis Continue in Pakistan The Weekly Standard Blog November 8, 2010
Saudi Arabia's Anti-Terror Actions Still Mysterious Hudson Institute New York November 8, 2010
Saudi Prince Turns Against Ground Zero Mosque The Weekly Standard Blog October 21, 2010
From Rehabilitation to Recruitment True North [Ottawa] October 2010
Britain and Pakistan: The Rich Taliban Vs. the Poor Muslim Hudson Institute New York October 15, 2010
Islam in Europe Destroyed by Radicalism? The Weekly Standard Blog October 11, 2010
Saudi Arabia's Accelerating Social Unrest Hudson Institute New York October 7, 2010
"Zaytuna College" and Its Continuing Media Circus American Thinker September 28, 2010
CAIR tries to squash criticism of agenda through intimidation and lawfare, critics say The Daily Caller [Washington, DC] September 22, 2010
Leading Saudi Critic of Ground Zero Mosque Fired from Newspaper, Television The Weekly Standard Blog September 21, 2010
Bangladesh Bans Compulsory "Islamic" Dress The Weekly Standard Blog September 8, 2010
Jihadists v. Sufis The Weekly Standard Blog August 9, 2010
History Corrupted The Weekly Standard August 9, 2010
John Esposito, Islamophobia, and the Ground Zero Mosque American Thinker August 3, 2010
From D.C. Suburbia to Al-Shabab The Weekly Standard Blog July 27, 2010
Ground Zero Mosque Property Developer Comes Out The Weekly Standard Blog July 20, 2010
Kosova Headscarf Conflict Grows The Weekly Standard Blog July 6, 2010
Zakir Naik: "Peace TV" Calls for Terrorism Hudson Institute New York July 2, 2010
EU Continues to Release Terror Suspects The Weekly Standard Blog June 24, 2010
Five long years of Saudi Arabia's king The Guardian Online [London] June 13, 2010
Shariah in the West "New Threats to Freedom," Templeton Press, 2010 May 2010
Championing "Moderate Islam" In the United States May 17, 2010
Pakistani Conspiratorialism The Weekly Standard Blog May 17, 2010
Muslims in India Hudson Institute New York April 29, 2010
Furore over separated tawaaf Voice of the Cape [Radio -- South Africa] April 12, 2010
Saudi Arabia -- Wahhabis vs. Women Hudson Institute New York April 7, 2010
Why Canadian Muslims are different National Post [Toronto] April 6, 2010
CAIR Attacks American Educational Book Series The Weekly Standard Blog March 24, 2010
Anti-Wahhabi Movement Spreading in Kosova The Weekly Standard Blog March 10, 2010
Saudi's Dirty Secrets The Guardian Online [London] March 5, 2010
The Work of Stephen Suleyman Schwartz Jl. Perjuangan No.1 Binjai – SUMUT [Indonesia] March 2, 2010
Ever-Vigilant Thugs Hudson Institute New York February 19, 2010
Bosnia Cracks Down on Wahhabism The Weekly Standard Blog February 18, 2010
Model Middle East Indoctrination American Thinker January 31, 2010
Saudi Interference with Muslims During the Hajj Hudson Institute New York January 22, 2010
Yemen and How It Got That Way The Weekly Standard Blog January 14, 2010
UK Muslim TV channel linked to al-Qaida cleric al-Awlaki The Observer [London] January 10, 2010
Radical Islam in the Balkans VOA News Bosnian Service [Washington, DC] January 8, 2010
Moderate Muslim Leaders Take a Stand The Weekly Standard Blog January 7, 2010
America's First Islamic College? American Thinker December 6, 2009
Take a look at Hasan's old mosque New York Post November 7, 2009
The Harabati Baba Teqe in Tetova Under Wahhabi Attack CIP October 2009
Controversial Imam to Join Jesse Jackson at Muslim Group's Banquet Fox October 20, 2009
Yale Surrenders Hudson Institute New York September 9, 2009
Kosova's Burning The Daily Standard September 1, 2009
Jihad from North Carolina to Kosova The Daily Standard August 19, 2009
Saudi Arabia Moves Backward Hudson Institute New York July 22, 2009
From Visiting Graves to Their Destruction Brandeis University Crown Center for Middle East Studies July 2009
Note on Ondrej Beranek and Pavel Tupek, "From Visiting Graves to Their Destruction." CIP July 2009
The Second Kosova War The Daily Standard February 3, 2009
The Battle Against Wahhabism Heats Up! Express [Kosova] January 17, 2009
Nine Wahhabi Thugs Arrested in Kosova Express [Kosova] January 14, 2009
Excerpts from Interview with Prof. Dr. Rešid Hafizović Oslobođenje [Sarajevo] November 22, 2008
How Kosovo Created its Own Liberal Islam [London] July 7, 2008
Protest Arrest of Shia Cleric in Saudi Arabia Human Rights First Society [Saudi Arabia] June 26, 2008
A Dark Corner of Europe, Part II Totten's Middle East Journal June 10, 2008
Newest Muslim republic insists it embraces a laid-back version of Islam NBC News February 21, 2008
Executive Director Schwartz's "Two Faces of Islam" Banned in Malaysia CIP January 30, 2008
In the name of God: the Saudi rape victim's tale The Independent [London] November 29, 2007
Six Questions for Mustafa Cerić Family Security Matters May 21, 2007
People On Our Side: Baba Edmond Brahimaj, A Balkan Sufi Family Security Matters April 25, 2007
Reading and Writing and Ramadan The Weekly Standard March 12, 2007
"They are wolf-dogs, they will attack our children" – Bosnian Villagers in Clash With Wahhabis Bosnia-Hercegovina TV1 March 4, 2007
Saudi couple victim of rise in 'forced divorce' The Independent [London] February 17, 2007
The State of Soul of the Bosnian Intellectuals Oslobođenje [Sarajevo] December 16, 2006
We Will Return Saudi Arabia's Aid Bosnia-Hercegovina Federation TV December 7, 2006
On the Criticisms by Rešid Hafizović Rijaset November 26, 2006
They Are Coming for Our Children Oslobođenje [Sarajevo] November 25, 2006
Readers May Choose A Title For This Text Oslobođenje [Sarajevo] November 18, 2006
How the Wahhabi Lobby Spins Islam Family Security Matters November 8, 2006
Uneducated youth embrace Wahhabism Vijesti [Montenegro] October 14, 2006
Basic Document of Chief Muslim Cleric Mustafa Cerić on Problems in Bosnia Rijaset August 11, 2006
Prison Poison New York Post January 10, 2006
Why American Muslims Stay Silent Tech Central Station December 22, 2005
Too Much "Help"? The Daily Standard December 9, 2005
Danger! Wahhabis on the march in the Albanian lands Koha Ditore [Kosova] November 15, 2005
Radical Islam in America USA Today November 1, 2005
Islamic Extremism on the Rise in Nigeria Jamestown Foundation Terrorism Monitor October 21, 2005
Europe's Wahhabi Lobby The Daily Standard October 6, 2005
More Wahhabi Mischief in DC CIP September 23, 2005
Kosova and the Threat of Terrorism [Albania] September 14, 2005
CIP as Described by Saudi Hate Site Alsaha August 24, 2005
Terror on the Internet Tech Central Station August 17, 2005
Destructive Interpretation Koha Ditore [Kosova] August 3, 2005
Wahhabi War of the Worlds Comes to Seattle Tech Central Station July 29, 2005
The False "Mahdi" Brays Loudly CIP July 22, 2005
Pakistani Radical Islamists: Who's Minding Washington? Tech Central Station July 18, 2005
In the Shadow of London CIP July 8, 2005
The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan Jamestown Foundation Terrorism Monitor May 5, 2005
Multimedia Invitation To Jihad Dani [Sarajevo] January 14, 2005
Wahhabism and al-Qaeda in Bosnia-Herzegovina Jamestown Foundation Terrorism Monitor October 20, 2004
Saudi Extremism in High Places New York Post February 11, 2004
Wahhabi Fireworks New York Post July 14, 2003
Saudi Dupes New York Post July 10, 2003
Randall Ismail Royer: Portrait of a Wahhabi Frontpagemag June 30, 2003
CLASSIC CIP: Wahhabi Strain of Islam Faulted The Washington Post June 27, 2003
The Right Way to Lock Up Aliens The Weekly Standard December 10, 2001


Book Title Publication Date
The Teachings of the Bektashi Sufis [Nauk Bektašijskog Tarikata (In Bosnian)]: The First Bosnian-Language Survey of Bektashism
by Senad Mičijević
Illyria [New York] July 27, 2016
Wahhabi Terrorism or the Sufi Saints' Peace Path
by Shaykh Dr. H. Noor Ahmed Shah
CIP March 17, 2016
Mecca: The Sacred City
by Ziauddin Sardar
The Weekly Standard October 20, 2014
On Saudi Arabia: Its People, Past, Religion, Fault Lines—and Future
by Karen Elliott House
The Weekly Standard January 14, 2013


Title Publication Date
POSTPONED CIP Executive Director Schwartz Washington, DC Event Announcement February 21, 2013
CIP Publishes Revised Shariah Report on Kindle Announcement January 23, 2013
Indian Sunni Sufi and Shia Muslims Protest Impending Visit By Zakir Naik Announcement October 18, 2012
Bin Laden Killed in Pakistan Announcement May 1, 2011
CIP Executive Director Schwartz in Toronto, Canada Announcement March 16, 2011
Declaration on the killing of two American military and injury to two more, in Frankfurt, Germany Announcement March 3, 2011
CIP Denounces Bombing of Egyptian Christian Church Announcement January 1, 2011
Against the Dismissal of Juan Williams from National Public Radio Announcement October 21, 2010
From Rehabilitation to Recruitment Announcement October 2010
Extremely Urgent Call for Protest Against Attack on Harabati Sufi Complex in Tetovo Announcement May 4, 2008
Urgent Call for Protest Against Wahhabi Aggression in Macedonia Announcement March 11, 2008
Saudi Internet Threat Following October 22 Protest at Saudi Embassy in Washington Announcement October 31, 2007
Macedonian Sufis Endorse Executive Director Schwartz's Weekly Standard Article Announcement May 20, 2007
When Wahhabis Attack: The Case of The Harabati Tekke in Macedonia Announcement October 14, 2006
Center for Islamic Pluralism Greets and Supports Orthodox [Jewish] Union Statement on Jordanian Atrocities Announcement November 10, 2005
CIP-Backed Suit vs. Wahhabi Monopoly on Hiring of Muslim Prison Chaplains Announcement October 16, 2005

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