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Writings by Salim Mansur

Title Publication Date
Genocide and Justice in Bangladesh Gatestone Institute January 9, 2014
Democracy and Egypt: A "Brotherhood of Cains" Gatestone Institute August 12, 2013
Islam and Islamism Gatestone Institute July 23, 2013
Guilty Verdict of Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal on 1971 Atrocities CIP February 11, 2013
Canadian PM shows leadership in cutting Iran ties Toronto Sun September 22, 2012
Arab Spring now a Christian nightmare Toronto Sun August 25, 2012
When things change but remain the same Toronto Sun July 14, 2012
Empty church discloses a harsh reality Toronto Sun July 7, 2012
The military's shrewd gambit in Egypt Toronto Sun June 30, 2012
View from Algeria of North Africa tumult Toronto Sun June 23, 2012
West must resist urge to act in Syria Toronto Sun June 2, 2012
Military key to a balanced Egypt Toronto Sun May 26, 2012
Women stand to lose most in Arab Spring Toronto Sun May 19, 2012
Avoiding Arab-Muslim heart of darkness Toronto Sun May 5, 2012
Lesson from Iraq for Syria Toronto Sun April 28, 2012
Pakistan practically an enemy state Toronto Sun April 7, 2012
Pakistan must be held accountable Toronto Sun March 31, 2012
West must relearn lesson of Durand Line Toronto Sun March 17, 2012
Afghanistan determined to stay in Dark Ages London Free Press [Ontario, Canada] March 10, 2012
Outrage merits condemnation, not apology Toronto Sun March 3, 2012
West should let Arab-Muslim world be Toronto Sun February 25, 2012
Arab convulsion grips Syria Toronto Sun February 18, 2012
World teeters as past mistakes repeated Toronto Sun December 31, 2011
Christmas fades in a world that needs it Toronto Sun December 24, 2011
Women continue to pay the price Toronto Sun December 17, 2011
Exploring blood-soaked roots of Arab feud Toronto Sun December 10, 2011
Mimicking the Middle Ages Toronto Sun December 3, 2011
Ruthless men hide behind veil of religion Toronto Sun November 26, 2011
Sectarian tensions reveal Arab fault line Toronto Sun November 19, 2011
West must hold Iran accountable Toronto Sun November 12, 2011
Reflections on 9/11 Ten Years Later The Canadian Observer Fall 2011
West can't ignore Pakistan's threat Toronto Sun October 8, 2011
Peace eludes Mideast 30 years after Anwar Sadat's murder Toronto Sun October 1, 2011
Lying despots make a mockery of UN Toronto Sun September 24, 2011
Don't airbrush Islamist threat Toronto Sun September 17, 2011
Post-9/11, U.S. must rise again Toronto Sun September 10, 2011
West given rosy view of Islamism Toronto Sun September 3, 2011
9/11 exposes West's moral decay Toronto Sun August 20, 2011
Understanding 9/11 a decade later Toronto Sun August 13, 2011
Taking Jesus to heart in Ramadan Toronto Sun August 6, 2011
The ramblings of a madman Toronto Sun July 30, 2011
South Sudan arrives with bang, whimper Toronto Sun July 16, 2011
Arab world rich with unearned wealth Toronto Sun July 9, 2011
Arab world a relic of history Toronto Sun June 11, 2011
Undeserving case for a Palestinian state Toronto Sun June 4, 2011
Pakistan: Deceit From the Beginning Toronto Sun May 14, 2011
Time for Muslims to expunge bin Laden Toronto Sun May 7, 2011
West being suckered by Arab League Toronto Sun March 26, 2011
Japan will recover; no guarantee for Libya Toronto Sun March 19, 2011
Muslim radicals Toronto Sun March 12, 2011
Gadhafi not 'delusional' — he's evil Toronto Sun March 5, 2011
Freedom is 'God's gift to humanity' Toronto Sun February 26, 2011
Egypt's choice Toronto Sun February 19, 2011
Egypt is bruised, not broken Toronto Sun February 5, 2011
U.S. can't afford to ignore world in crisis Toronto Sun January 29, 2011
Tunisia just one Arab regime going stale Toronto Sun January 22, 2011
Bloody start to New Year Toronto Sun January 8, 2011
Ugly fight against a death-cult ideology Toronto Sun December 18, 2010
Canadian prime minister Harper pledges fight against Jew haters Toronto Sun November 13, 2010
Disgusting silence on church bloodbath Toronto Sun November 6, 2010
The Glaring Gap in Canada's Islamic History Month Calgary Herald October 31, 2010
Absurd UN gives Pakistani helm of IAEA watchdog Toronto Sun October 30, 2010
Canada, the OIC, and the UN Toronto Sun October 16, 2010
Iran prez's UN stunt smacks of Chavez Toronto Sun September 25, 2010
Muslims fear Muslims more than Jones Toronto Sun September 18, 2010
Nine years later, America remains divided Toronto Sun September 11, 2010
Stop quibbling over terror profiling Toronto Sun September 4, 2010
Don't blame Israel for Arab failures Toronto Sun August 21, 2010
Israel facing revival of deep-seated hate Toronto Sun August 14, 2010
Politics of resentment live in West Bank Toronto Sun August 7, 2010
Walk in Jerusalem affirms beliefs Toronto Sun July 31, 2010
Failed states to blame for own misery Toronto Sun July 24, 2010
Grim anniversary marks UN's failings Toronto Sun July 17, 2010
G8 must weigh in on 'unwinnable' war Toronto Sun June 26, 2010
Morocco prospers under monarchy Toronto Sun June 19, 2010
An enchanted evening in historic Fes Toronto Sun June 12, 2010
Morocco is open for business Toronto Sun June 5, 2010
Pakistan a breeding ground for Islamism Toronto Sun May 8, 2010
Multiculturalism fails Canada Toronto Sun May 1, 2010
Taking on Islamists' hidden agenda Toronto Sun April 24, 2010
Canadian takes on Islamist movement Toronto Sun April 17, 2010
Brother Tariq and Islamism in the West National Post [Toronto] April 15, 2010
West's fortunes tied to current wars Toronto Sun April 10, 2010
Iraq election could change history Toronto Sun March 20, 2010
Reflections on Citizenship and Treason C2C [Canada] March 2010
Iraq stumbles toward democracy Toronto Sun March 13, 2010
Protect free speech, even if offensive Toronto Sun March 6, 2010
Long, bloody road to Islam reform Toronto Sun February 27, 2010
Anti-Semitism Widespread in Muslim World Toronto Sun February 13, 2010
Why ignore lessons from years ago? Toronto Sun January 16, 2010
Target the terrorists, not the public Toronto Sun January 9, 2010
Jihad sparked accused Fort Hood killer Toronto Sun November 14, 2009
When the Wall came tumbling down Toronto Sun November 7, 2009
Afghans see Americans as nomads Toronto Sun October 31, 2009
Waziristan means much to West Toronto Sun October 24, 2009
Remote region central to AfPak war Toronto Sun October 17, 2009
When Slippery Slope Becomes Steeper Toronto Sun October 10, 2009
No Cure for This Arab-Muslim Sickness Toronto Sun October 3, 2009
Shamelessness at the UN Toronto Sun September 26, 2009
U.S. now wary of Afghanistan mission Toronto Sun September 19, 2009
West returns to pre-Sept. 11 thinking Toronto Sun September 12, 2009
Africans must solve own problems Toronto Sun August 29, 2009
The Casbah of Old Algiers Toronto Sun August 22, 2009
Sleepwalking Through a Minefield Toronto Sun August 15, 2009
North Africa and Globalization Toronto Sun August 8, 2009
Freedom trampled by tyrants Toronto Sun July 18, 2009
Uighurs chafe under Chinese Toronto Sun July 11, 2009
Staged election fools no one Toronto Sun June 20, 2009
Muslims on Obama in Cairo Hudson Institute New York June 5, 2009
Swat a beauty and a beast Toronto Sun May 30, 2009
Blame Army for Pakistan's woes Toronto Sun May 23, 2009
The Pashtun "Frontier Gandhi" Toronto Sun May 16, 2009
Pakistan presents a problem Toronto Sun May 2, 2009
A lesson from Easter Toronto Sun April 4, 2009
Palestinians can learn from Jews Toronto Sun March 14, 2009
The Malady of Islam Pajamas Media March 8, 2009
Let's not monkey with Qur'an Toronto Sun February 28, 2009
Getting a read on the Qur'an Toronto Sun February 21, 2009
How the West was duped Toronto Sun February 14, 2009
Connecting the dots in Mumbai Toronto Sun December 13, 2008
Murder and mayhem in Mumbai Toronto Sun December 8, 2008
Getting a read on moderation Toronto Sun May 24, 2008
Hurting Their Cause Toronto Sun May 17, 2008
Things are calm, time to talk Toronto Sun April 26, 2008
Awaiting China's Implosion Toronto Sun April 19, 2008
The view from Bali Toronto Sun April 12, 2008
TUCC this one in your pocket Toronto Sun April 5, 2008
Welcome to a new type of war Toronto Sun February 2, 2008
Middle East indebted to Bush Toronto Sun January 12, 2008
Theologian finds peace path Toronto Sun December 29, 2007
Bhutto's murder is no surprise Toronto Sun December 28, 2007
Sharing Blake at Christmas Toronto Sun December 22, 2007
Bigotry, terror masked as faith Toronto Sun December 15, 2007
Questionable Intelligence on Iran Toronto Sun December 8, 2007
Here we go again Toronto Sun November 24, 2007
Choosing from shades of grey Toronto Sun November 17, 2007
Pakistan's sorry state Toronto Sun November 10, 2007
Pakistan's crisis global concern Toronto Sun October 27, 2007
Barbarians kill as West drifts Toronto Sun August 25, 2007
On Daniel Pipes and the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy CIP June 14, 2007

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