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Interviews & Speeches

Title Publication Date
CIP Greetings on the Islamic Ashura and Jewish Yom Kippur Illyria [New York] October 10, 2016
U.S. expert: Involvement of Albanians in the Islamic State (IS) harms image of Kosova liberation war Presheva Jonë [Presheva, Serbia] February 27, 2015
On the Arab Countries' Situation Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg October 24, 2011
Focus on Hajj CII Broadcasting [South Africa] August 28, 2011
On Extortionate Pilgrimage Costs and Vandalism of Holy Sites CII Broadcasting [South Africa] August 21, 2011
On the New Arab Revolts Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg March 31, 2011
From San Francisco to Sarajevo Pajamas Media February 14, 2011
On the "Ground Zero Mosque" and Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal NPR "All Things Considered" September 1, 2010
On the "Ground Zero Mosque" Extension 720 With Milt Rosenberg August 18, 2010
On the "Ground Zero Mosque" KLZ-AM [Denver] August 16, 2010
On the "Ground Zero mosque" KARN AM [Little Rock], KFAB AM [Omaha] August 4, 2010
On the "Ground Zero mosque" MSNBC August 3, 2010
On the "Ground Zero mosque" The Dennis Prager Show July 20, 2010
"I fervently hope that moderate Islam will defeat radical Islam": Folksmagazine [India] July 5, 2010
On Hamas Rule in Gaza Fox News Business June 10, 2010
Islamist Turkey, Texas Textbooks KLZ 560 AM [Denver] June 3, 2010
Shariah in the West May 22, 2010
Shariah in the West The Hugh Hewitt Show May 17, 2010
On the "Wahhabi Lobby" in America Fox News Business May 14, 2010
Saudi Women vs. Wahhabis Voice of the Cape, The [South Africa] April 8, 2010
On "Saudi's Dirty Secrets" Voice of the Cape [South Africa] March 11, 2010
Rashad Hussain and Najibullah Zazi Fox Tonight February 24, 2010
Wahhabi vandalism of holy sites in Saudi Arabia CII Broadcasting [South Africa] January 3, 2010
Destruction of sacred architecture in Arabia Radio Al-Ansaar [South Africa] December 23, 2009
Muslims and Christmas Decorations in UK Sunrise Radio [London] November 19, 2009
A makeover for Mecca Public Radio International September 16, 2009
Cultural vandalism in Saudi Arabia Voice of the Cape [South Africa] August 14, 2009
Iran and the Obama Administration KLZ 560 AM [Denver] August 12, 2009
Wahhabi Attacks in Nigeria Revelation TV [London] August 12, 2009
CIP International Director Irfan Al-Alawi Live from Mecca CII Broadcasting [South Africa] August 6, 2009
A Discussion of Stephen Schwartz's book The Other Islam: Sufism and the Road to Global Harmony OBA Live on Radio [Amsterdam] August 4, 2009
Thinktank responds to increasing use of sharia law Sunrise Radio [London] July 21, 2009
Obama Cairo speech Backbone June 7, 2009
New CIP survey, "A Guide to Shariah Law and Islamist Ideology in Western Europe, 2007-2009" introduced to the UK public Sunrise Radio [London] May 26, 2009
Fire at Construction Site in Mecca South African Radio May 4, 2009
"We Must Recognize in Baba Rexheb the Founder of Authentic Sufism in the U.S." Illyria [New York] March 27, 2009
Schwartz Interview Frank Pastore Show March 20, 2009
Media's religious ignorance is exposing us to terror Blind Spot [London] February 24, 2009
Saudi Reaction to George W. Bush's State of the Union Address Fox News Weekend February 4, 2009
On Sufism February 2, 2009
Wahhabi vandalism in the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina CII Broadcasting [South Africa] January 30, 2009
Islamic heritage lost as Makkah modernises Voice of the Cape [South Africa] January 7, 2009
Official vandalism of holy sites in Mecca, the cradle of Islam Radio Islam [South Africa] January 6, 2009
Abuse of Muslim women and the complicity of clerics PressTV [London] December 21, 2008
Domestic violence and forced marriage among Muslims BBC December 15, 2008
UK government's response to extremism in the Muslim community Sunrise Radio [London] December 10, 2008
Radical Islamist preacher Abu Qatada Hirschfield & Kula: Intelligent Talk Radio December 6, 2008
On Mumbai Attacks Extension 720 With Milt Rosenberg November 28, 2008
On Violence Against Muslim Women BBC October 24, 2008
Domestic Violence in UK Muslim Communities BBC September 26, 2008
Threat to the Ummah: The Future of the Haramain and Its Destruction Voice of the Cape [South Africa] September 19, 2008
About shariah agitation in Britain Frank Pastore Show September 19, 2008
Stephen Schwartz on The Other Islam National Review Online September 16, 2008
Conflicts between Sufism and radical Islam Wisconsin Public Radio September 12, 2008
Lectures at Leiden University CIP 8,9,10 Sept. 2008
Schwartz on Radical Islam Lars Larson Show, Radio CHQR [Canada] September 8, 2008
Desecration of Mecca PressTV [London] July 27, 2008
About sharia agitation and mosque construction issues in Europe Frank Pastore Show July 15, 2008
Rejection of shariah in the UK Sunrise Radio [London] July 11, 2008
Wahhabi vandalism in Makkah CII Broadcasting [South Africa] July 7, 2008
About Gulen PressTV [London] June 29, 2008
Saudi Arabia and its support for radical Islam in the U.S Frank Pastore Show May 29, 2008
Auction of sacred treasure from Mecca and Medina BBC April 10, 2008
Saudi Arabia and its support for radical Islam Frank Pastore Show April 3, 2008
On UK sharia debate and Saudi cultural vandalism BBC/CII Broadcasting [South Africa] February 22, 2008
Wahhabi ban on Valentine's Day celebrations, including display of the color red Frank Pastore Show February 14, 2008
Assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan Extension 720 With Milt Rosenberg December 27, 2007
Saudi King Abdullah to vacate sanctions against Saudi rape victim Radio CHQR [Canada] December 17, 2007
Discussion on Hajj and commercialization BBC December 16, 2007
Developments in Islam BBC December 5, 2007
Muslim Students' Association (MSA) and the drive of radical Muslims for a protected minority status in the West Frank Pastore Show October 30, 2007
Saudi Royal Visit to UK BBC October 28, 2007
Terrorism in Pakistan Extension 720 With Milt Rosenberg October 19, 2007
Latest Al-Qaida-linked conspiracy in Germany Fox News September 5, 2007
New Turkish government and its foreign policy Public Radio International August 30, 2007
Schwartz Interview on Saudi Arabia Frank Pastore Show August 30, 2007
Now for the Mega Mosque Australian Broadcasting Corporation August 22, 2007
Websites and video games used for Islamist indoctrination and recruitment for terrorism Sinclair Broadcasting August 17, 2007
U.S.-Saudi relationship Frank Pastore Show August 3, 2007
U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia Public Radio International July 31, 2007
Saudi participation in Sunni terror in Iraq Fox News July 18, 2007
Executive Director Schwartz vs. Colmes Fox News [Transcript] July 7, 2007
Latest terror attacks in the UK Sinclair Broadcasting July 2, 2007
UK Terror Campaign Radio CHQR [Canada] July 2, 2007
Stephen Schwartz Interview Extension 720 With Milt Rosenberg June 22, 2007
Schwartz Interview on KGAB-650 AM Radio KGAB May 15, 2007
Wahhabi counter-attack among Balkan Muslims The Crane Durham Show May 10, 2007
Balkan Muslims in a plot to attack Fort Dix, NJ. Fox News May 8, 2007
Islamist terrorist use of the internet and means to combat it Sinclair Broadcasting May 3, 2007
Preaching of Hamza Yusuf Hanson Radio KGAB April 16, 2007
John Kasich's "Heartland" show Fox News November 25, 2006
Islamofascism On Point September 6, 2006
New York Radical Muslim Prison Clerics The Laura Ingraham Show January 11, 2006
Islamic Conference in Saudi Arabia Al-Hurra November 22, 2005
Zawahiri video broadcast on al-Jazeera Fox News August 5, 2005
July 21 Bombing Suspects in Custody Fox News: Fox and Friends July 31, 2005
Sunni Condemnation of London Bombings Fox News: Fox and Friends July 18, 2005
Muslim Reaction to Terrorism in London Fox News July 16, 2005
Wahhabi Monopoly Naseeb Vibes June 6, 2005
New Terror Haven in Iraq? Fox News: Fox and Friends January 15, 2005
Seek Healing in Sufism Yasawi Sufis 2005
Schwartz, Jamal Badawi, Irshad Manji Debate Canadian Broadcasting Corporation July 27, 2003
Brit Hume Interviews Stephen Schwartz Fox News [Transcript] May 31, 2003
The Real Islam The Atlantic Unbound [Transcript] March 20, 2003
The Two Faces of Islam C-SPAN Book Notes [Transcript] February 2, 2003
Saudi Tale of Woe Rocky Mountain News [Denver] December 6, 2002
Beltway Boys Interview Stephen Schwartz Fox News [Transcript] November 30, 2002
The Good and the Bad National Review Online [Transcript] November 18, 2002
Greta Van Susteren Interviews Stephen Schwartz, Richard Murphy Fox News [Transcript] November 12, 2002
John Gibson Interviews Stephen Schwartz [III] Fox News [Transcript] October 18, 2002
John Gibson Interviews Stephen Schwartz (II) Fox News [Transcript] August 22, 2002
John Gibson Interviews Stephen Schwartz (I) Fox News [Transcript] June 26, 2002

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