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Announcements & Press Releases

Title Date
Invitation to Celebration of Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (saws) December 27, 2015
CIP 2013 Appeal For End-of-Year Donations December 30, 2013
Latest Documentary by Shahriar Kabir on "The Ultimate Jihad" December 6, 2013
Eid-al-Azha Greetings from Millat Advancement Trust of India to CIP October 14, 2013
Invitation from the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow June 30, 2013
POSTPONED CIP Executive Director Schwartz Washington, DC Event February 21, 2013
CIP Publishes Revised Shariah Report on Kindle January 23, 2013
CIP Supports Jewish Spiritual Movement Demand for Return of Russian-Held Library January 19, 2013
CIP Names Murat Muftari of Michigan as New U.S. National Director January 8, 2013
Eid Al-Adha Statement October 26, 2012
Indian Sunni Sufi and Shia Muslims Protest Impending Visit By Zakir Naik October 18, 2012
Not Silent Any More! October 17, 2012
CIP Joins American Jewish Committee Brief Vs. Oklahoma Anti-Shariah Provision May 16, 2011
Bin Laden Killed in Pakistan May 1, 2011
CIP Executive Director Schwartz in Toronto, Canada March 16, 2011
Declaration on the killing of two American military and injury to two more, in Frankfurt, Germany March 3, 2011
New Book – 'My Visit to the Holy Land' February 4, 2011
CIP Denounces Bombing of Egyptian Christian Church January 1, 2011
Against the Dismissal of Juan Williams from National Public Radio October 21, 2010
From Rehabilitation to Recruitment October 2010
Eid-al-Fitr, A.H. 1431, and The People of the Book September 8, 2010
Ramadan, A.H. 1431 August 10, 2010
Woodrow Wilson Center To Hold Conference on Europe and Islam June 23, 2010
Death of CIP Associate Shpëtim Mahmudi June 3, 2010
Death Notice for CIP Associate Shpëtim Mahmudi June 3, 2010
Fatiha for the Blessed Sufi Shaykh Abd al-Aziz Bukhari June 3, 2010
Texas State Board of Education Passes New Textbook Standards May 21, 2010
On Sufism and Wahhabism May 4, 2010
On the 2nd Anniversary of Kosova Independence February 22, 2010
Turkish Language Publication of Excerpts From CIP Euro-Shariah Study February 13, 2010
German Language Publication of Excerpts From CIP Euro-Shariah Study January 14, 2010
What is 'Defamation of Religion'? November 11, 2009
Hajj course in Leicester, UK November 7, 2009
Center for Islamic Pluralism Condemns Muslim Involvement in Fort Hood Atrocity November 5, 2009
Portrait of Jihad October 15, 2009
Condensation of 2009 CIP Euro-Shariah Report Published September 24, 2009
Muslim Anti-Wahhabi Protest, Washington, DC September 23, 2009
Memorial Notice for 9/11 Victims September 11, 2009
Ramadan, A.H. 1430 August 20, 2009
Saudi Arabia Moves Backward Summarized in Arabic July 29, 2009
Solidarity with the Fighting People of Iran June 17, 2009
Leading Muslim Scholars Condemn Racism and Intolerance at the Durban II Conference April 24, 2009
CIP and CIP Germany (ZIP) Sponsor Historic Statement on 1993 Massacre in Turkey, UN Durban Review Conference, Geneva April 23, 2009
Center for Islamic Pluralism Joins Other Faith Groups on Change in U.S. Law on Religious Accommodation April 7, 2009
Radical Islam and Its Muslim Critics September 1, 2008
Hatemonger Al-Marayati Denounces CIP August 28, 2008
CIP Protests Saudi Fatwas Calling for the Destruction of Shia holy sites July 24, 2008
Turkish Alevi Appeal for Commemoration of July 2, 1993 Sivas Massacre June 11, 2008
Fatiha for Rahmetli Pëllumb Katroshi May 26, 2008
Extremely Urgent Call for Protest Against Attack on Harabati Sufi Complex in Tetovo May 4, 2008
Uyghurs to protest Chinese government policy at Olympic torch event in Istanbul, April 2, 2008 April 2, 2008
Urgent Call for Protest Against Iranian State Suppression of Gonabadi-Nimatullahi Sufis March 15, 2008
Urgent Call for Protest Against Wahhabi Aggression in Macedonia March 11, 2008
Malaysian Government's "Explanation" of Ban on Schwartz's "Two Faces of Islam" February 28, 2008
Saudi Arabia and Islam in Kosova February 26, 2008
New CIP German website February 1, 2008
CIP Meets with State Department-Sponsored Azerbaijan Visitors January 31, 2008
Denmark Recognizes Alevi Movement as an Independent Faith Community November 21, 2007
UK Office of Communications Denies Complaints Against TV Documentary on Extremism in Mosques November 19, 2007
CIP Meets With State Department-Sponsored Swedish Journalist Dilsa Demirbag-Sten November 13, 2007
CIP Int'l Director Al-Alawi Denounces Internet Threat Against UK Christian Leader Alan Craig November 6, 2007
Egyptian Man Executed over alleged Saudi Qur'an desecration November 2, 2007
Saudi Internet Threat Following October 22 Protest at Saudi Embassy in Washington October 31, 2007
Anti-Wahhabi Protest at Saudi Embassy in DC October 24, 2007
U.S. Muslim Group Protests Radical Islam October 22, 2007
Coverage of Anti-Wahhabi Protest at Saudi Embassy in DC October 22, 2007
CIP Protests Turkish Restrictions on Orthodox Christian Ecumenical Patriarch July 1, 2007
Executive Director Schwartz on U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Panel on Iraq June 18, 2007
CIP Recommends New Book From RFE/RL on Al-Qaida in Bosnia-Hercegovina June 4, 2007
CIP Protests Arrests of Egyptian Religious Intellectuals June 3, 2007
CIP Protests Bombing of Shaykh Gailani Shrine in Baghdad May 28, 2007
Macedonian Sufis Endorse Executive Director Schwartz's Weekly Standard Article May 20, 2007
On Fort Dix Incident May 9, 2007
Executive Director Schwartz Meets With State Department-Sponsored German Muslim Delegation April 20, 2007
CIP President Kemal Silay to speak at AJC Annual Meeting April 15, 2007
RAND's "Building Moderate Muslim Networks" April 5, 2007
CIP Protests Further Harassment of Iraqi daily Al-Sabah Al-Jadid April 4, 2007
Center for Islamic Pluralism Establishes Second Website in Western Europe March 2, 2007
Bosnian Muslims in North America on Utah Mass Murder February 15, 2007
Protest Against Mortar Attack on the Printing House of the Iraqi Daily Al-Sabah al-Jadid February 8, 2007
Statement on the Murder of Hrant Dink January 23, 2007
CIP Appoints International Director Dr. Irfan Al-Alawi October 18, 2006
When Wahhabis Attack: The Case of The Harabati Tekke in Macedonia October 14, 2006
Center for Islamic Pluralism Supports Protest Against Bombing of Iraqi Daily al-Sabah August 26, 2006
Stephen Suleyman Schwartz at Halveti Sufi School in Israel June 16, 2006
Center for Islamic Pluralism Executive Director Schwartz Visits Israel June 12, 2006
Announcement of Euro-Islam Conference June 1, 2006
CIP Opposes Reported Arrest of Journalist/Blogger in Saudi Arabia for Apostasy April 8, 2006
Urgent Report of Afghanistan Apostasy Trial March 23, 2006
RFE/RL posts Bosnian cleric's Declaration from CIP site March 16, 2006
CIP Supports the American Jewish Committee Against Demolition of Synagogue in Tajikistan February 28, 2006
Urgent Bulletin on the Crime in Samarra, Iraq February 24, 2006
Death of Baba Tahir Emini in Macedonia February 17, 2006
CIP Endorses Orthodox [Jewish] Union Statement on U.S. Government and Religion December 15, 2005
Center for Islamic Pluralism Greets and Supports Orthodox [Jewish] Union Statement on Jordanian Atrocities November 10, 2005
CIP-Backed Suit vs. Wahhabi Monopoly on Hiring of Muslim Prison Chaplains October 16, 2005
Petition to Protect Prophet Muhammad's Birthplace October 11, 2005
Executive Director Schwartz and CIP as Described by Saudi Hate Site Alsaha September 2, 2005
AJC Condemns Murder of Palestinians in Shiloh August 17, 2005
Center for Islamic Pluralism Supports Orthodox Jewish Protest Against Vandalism of Synagogues in Gaza August 17, 2005
AJC Condemns Attack in Israeli Arab Town August 4, 2005
Schumer calls sex trafficking in Saudi Arabia and other countries 'slavery' June 6, 2005
Moderate Islam Gets a Washington Address March 25, 2005

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