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Title Publication Date
San Francisco Transwoman Requests Asylum in Israel, Backs Bibi CIP/2nd Bektashi Sufi Mission to the West/Institut Boscana May 26, 2021
Brother Jamal is Not Dead! CIP YouTube November 22, 2018
ICTY-The Hague: A Lesson in Modern History OpEdNews November 18, 2018
The Unholy Alliance: Orthodox Christian Imperialism OpEdNews October 2, 2018
Reform or repression? Saudi's new ruler plays both ways Jenny Taylor Media June 6, 2018
Contribution to a Bibliography of Anti-Soviet Thought Frontpagemag May 18, 2018
Mueller Releases Indictments, While Our Founder Is Silenced on Anti-Social Media CIP February 16, 2018
Fox News, Twitter Enable Fascist Massacres CIP February 15, 2018
Our Founder and Social Media CIP December 25, 2017
Who is S. Auden Schwartz? The Boston Globe December 6, 2017
Earthly Beauty November 26, 2017
At The Tomb of the Prophet Samuel (Nabi Samwil) CIP November 21, 2017
10 Theses on the Coup in Saudi Arabia CIP November 5, 2017
What Next? After Antifa VOA News September 3, 2017
Greetings for an Antifascist Bajram Illyria [New York] September 1, 2017
'Designating' Antifa a Terrorist Organization Is a Bad Idea National Review August 31, 2017
This Is Our Barcelona Center for Islamic Pluralism August 21, 2017
Why are religious conservatives embracing transgender rights? Transformation -- WHERE LOVE MEETS SOCIAL JUSTICE! August 16, 2017
CIP Executive Director Schwartz on Antifascist Defense -- UPDATE 3 Illyria [New York] August 16, 2017
Should men found guilty of rape be hanged? April 21, 2017
CIP Greetings on International Day of Solidarity With Working Women March 8, 2017
CIP 2015 Appeal for End-of-Year Donations CIP December 27, 2015
Famous Communists and Islam First Things Blog February 11, 2015
Schwartz Letter to Financial Times: Long sentences would give jihadis time to reflect Financial Times [London] January 30, 2015
Schwartz Letter to Financial Times: "Wahhabism Exists" Financial Times [London] September 3, 2014
Putin and the Perm-36 Gulag Monument The Weekly Standard Blog August 26, 2014
Jail chaplain wants more Quran copies for inmates The Journal Times [Racine Co., Wisc.] March 18, 2013
"Moderate" Turkey Gatestone Institute March 6, 2013
Hajj and Eid Al-Adha/Bayram Greetings, A.H. 1433 CIP October 25, 2012
Northeastern University's Islamists American Thinker October 14, 2012
CIP Director Schwartz Replies to Hartford Seminary Letter The Jewish Ledger [Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.] May 9, 2012
Articles on CIP in the Malayalam Language The Risala Weekly [Kozhikode, India] July 14, 2011
Peter King Exposes Danger of "Prislam" Frontpagemag June 22, 2011
The Danger of the Muslim Brotherhood Hudson Institute New York February 11, 2011
From Rehabilitation to Recruitment True North [Ottawa] October 2010
Controversial Imam to Join Jesse Jackson at Muslim Group's Banquet Fox October 20, 2009
Jihadism in European Prisons Islamist Watch May 14, 2009
Bad Books Behind Bars The Weekly Standard October 6, 2008
Radical Islam Behind Bars The Daily Standard November 9, 2007
A Miscarriage of Censorship The Daily Standard September 17, 2007
The Prison Preacher Problem New York Post September 26, 2006
Islam in the Big House The Daily Standard April 24, 2006
Prison Poison New York Post January 10, 2006
CLASSIC CIP: Wahhabi Strain of Islam Faulted The Washington Post June 27, 2003
Kosova Takes a Lesson from Bosnia in Interfaith Relations [Excerpted] Christianity Today May 1, 2000


Book Title Publication Date
Jewish Salonica: Between the Ottoman Empire and Modern Greece
by Devin E. Naar
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2017


Title Publication Date
CIP 2013 Appeal For End-of-Year Donations Announcement December 30, 2013
CIP Executive Director Schwartz in Toronto, Canada Announcement March 16, 2011
From Rehabilitation to Recruitment Announcement October 2010
CIP-Backed Suit vs. Wahhabi Monopoly on Hiring of Muslim Prison Chaplains Announcement October 16, 2005

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