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Title Publication Date
On Friedman, Hayek, Chile Financial Times Weekend October 30, 2021
ICTY-The Hague: A Lesson in Modern History OpEdNews November 18, 2018
Jamal Khashoggi CIP October 18, 2018
Who Kills Journalists? OpEdNews October 13, 2018
John McCain 1936-2108 CIP August 26, 2018
Reform or repression? Saudi's new ruler plays both ways Jenny Taylor Media June 6, 2018
Mueller Releases Indictments, While Our Founder Is Silenced on Anti-Social Media CIP February 16, 2018
Fox News, Twitter Enable Fascist Massacres CIP February 15, 2018
Our Founder and Social Media CIP December 25, 2017
Who is S. Auden Schwartz? The Boston Globe December 6, 2017
Earthly Beauty November 26, 2017
At The Tomb of the Prophet Samuel (Nabi Samwil) CIP November 21, 2017
10 Theses on the Coup in Saudi Arabia CIP November 5, 2017
'Fake News' Regarding Antiquities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CIP October 24, 2017
We STILL Accuse! CIP September 6, 2017
This Is Our Barcelona Center for Islamic Pluralism August 21, 2017
Homage to Barcelona -- Homenatge a Barcelona -- Amb text en català. Center for Islamic Pluralism August 16, 2017
Assad's Hollow Crown The Rubin Center May 9, 2017
Who are the Sufis and why does ISIS see them as threatening? The April 28, 2017
Is It True We Did Not Go To the Moon? April 16, 2017
CIP Greetings to Muslims on Kurban Bajram/Eid Al-Adha/Eid Ghorban, Islamic Hijri Year 1437 CIP September 12, 2016
Uzbekistan Dictator Islam Karimov Leaves a Complicated Legacy The Weekly Standard Blog September 5, 2016
No Saudi Surprises In 9-11 Commission's '28 Pages' The Huffington Post July 20, 2016
An Anti-Terror Success Story The Weekly Standard July 11, 2016
Meet America's Foremost Advocate of Islamic Pluralism Clarion Project April 12, 2016
The Two Faces of Europe Illyria [New York] April 4, 2016
Baba Arshiu Bazaj of Taylor, Michigan, dies at 109 Illyria [New York] December 26, 2015
The New Paris Horror and the Putin Trap The Huffington Post November 19, 2015
Macedonian Filmmaker Revives Memory of Earlier Refugees The Huffington Post September 29, 2015
The Crimes at Palmyra The Huffington Post September 3, 2015
Malice in Dallas The Huffington Post May 5, 2015
Schwartz Letter to Financial Times: "Wahhabism Exists" Financial Times [London] September 3, 2014
Georgetown University Hosts 9/11 Truther The Washington Free Beacon November 22, 2013
CIP Executive Director Schwartz Speaks on Sufi Self-Defense Hudson Institute June 15, 2013
The Boston Horrors and Wahhabism in Chechnya The Weekly Standard Blog April 24, 2013
The Legacy of September 11, 2001 CIP September 11, 2012
Study says Kosova Islamic community funded by group linked to terrorism Koha Ditore [Prishtina, Kosova] August 17, 2012
In Pakistan, Ramadan Charity Donations Benefit the Taliban The Weekly Standard Blog August 8, 2012
U.S. Senate Report: UK Bank Dealt Illegally With Iran, Saudi Radicals, and Mexican Drug Dealers The Weekly Standard Blog July 24, 2012
Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia 2011
An Interfaith Memorial for September 11, 2001 Illyria [New York] September 15, 2011
9.11: Ten Years Later Folksmagazine [India] September 11, 2011
Post-9/11, U.S. must rise again Toronto Sun September 10, 2011
Commemorating the victims of September 11 Uyghur Human Rights Project and Uyghur American Association September 9, 2011
West given rosy view of Islamism Toronto Sun September 3, 2011
September 11, 2001: The 10th Anniversary CQ Researcher [Washington, DC] September 2, 2011
'Sufi Approach to Healing 9/11' to cap FIU's week of remembrance FIU News August 25, 2011
9/11 exposes West's moral decay Toronto Sun August 20, 2011
Understanding 9/11 a decade later Toronto Sun August 13, 2011
Georgetown and the Islamist Money-Changers American Thinker June 24, 2011
CIP Executive Director Schwartz and Middle East Forum President Daniel Pipes [.pdf] Illyria [New York] June 19, 2011
Pakistan: Deceit From the Beginning Toronto Sun May 14, 2011
Bin Laden and Pakistan The Huffington Post/NewsGram [India] May 10, 2011
Osama bin Laden did not deserve an Islamic burial The Guardian Online [London] May 7, 2011
Time for Muslims to expunge bin Laden Toronto Sun May 7, 2011
Is America a Nation of Book Burners? The Huffington Post April 13, 2011
Kryegjysh Boterorë Haxhi Dede Reshat Bardhi, 1935-2011 Illyria [New York] April 5, 2011
The Saudi Succession Threat Frontpagemag December 21, 2010
A Muslim Case Against the Mosque New York Post August 3, 2010
John Esposito, Islamophobia, and the Ground Zero Mosque American Thinker August 3, 2010
Ground Zero Mosque Property Developer Comes Out The Weekly Standard Blog July 20, 2010
Texas Textbooks Update The Weekly Standard June 7, 2010
A mosque at Ground Zero? The Boston Globe June 6, 2010
Bollywood Perpetuating Myths of Muslims Victimized in the West? Hudson Institute New York April 9, 2010
West returns to pre-Sept. 11 thinking Toronto Sun September 12, 2009
Welcome Scrutiny of Saudis on Campuses National Review Online May 31, 2007
‘Islamo-Fascism’ Had Its Moment The New York Times September 24, 2006
In September We Remember Family Security Matters September 13, 2006
Hamza Yusuf, At It Again The Daily Standard January 24, 2005
Why the Islamists Target Steve Emerson Tech Central Station December 7, 2004
The 9/11 Commission's Political Football Tech Central Station July 26, 2004
Uzbekistan: US Asset or Liability? Tech Central Station July 23, 2004
The Growing Crisis of American Islam Tech Central Station April 11, 2004
The Islamic Terrorism Club The Weekly Standard November 10, 2003
Reading Najaf The Daily Standard September 3, 2003
The Dysfunctional House of Saud The Weekly Standard August 18, 2003
Missing Links New York Post July 29, 2003
CLASSIC CIP: Wahhabi Strain of Islam Faulted The Washington Post June 27, 2003
Democracy and Islam After September 11 The Daily Standard December 13, 2002
The Princess and Her "Charities" The Weekly Standard December 9, 2002
10 Questions for Adel al-Jubeir National Review Online December 4, 2002
Beltway Boys Interview Stephen Schwartz Fox News [Transcript] November 30, 2002
Liberation, Not Containment National Review November 19, 2001
Saudi Friends, Saudi Foes The Weekly Standard October 8, 2001
Ground Zero and the Saudi Connection The Spectator [London] September 22, 2001
The Cup of Bitterness Illyria [New York]/Reforma [México] September 16, 2001
We Should Have Known New York Post September 12, 2001


Title Publication Date
Bin Laden Killed in Pakistan Announcement May 1, 2011
Memorial Notice for 9/11 Victims Announcement September 11, 2009

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