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Title Publication Date
On Friedman, Hayek, Chile Financial Times Weekend October 30, 2021
What is the OSCE and What is It For? OpEdNews March 13, 2019
Sex Terror During the War In Bosnia-Hercegovina OpEdNews February 6, 2019
Brother Jamal is Not Dead! CIP YouTube November 22, 2018
ICTY-The Hague: A Lesson in Modern History OpEdNews November 18, 2018
Jamal Khashoggi CIP October 18, 2018
Who Kills Journalists? OpEdNews October 13, 2018
The Unholy Alliance: Orthodox Christian Imperialism OpEdNews October 2, 2018
Steve Bannon and Bosnia OpEdNews September 15, 2018
URGENT! Excluded From Twitter, CIP Founder Exposes Radical Islamist Conspiracy Twitter September 4, 2018
John McCain 1936-2108 CIP August 26, 2018
Totalitarianism Isn't Reformable Frontpagemag June 8, 2018
Reform or repression? Saudi's new ruler plays both ways Jenny Taylor Media June 6, 2018
WHY WE FIGHT: The Matter of MEK Folksmagazine [India] May 28, 2018
The "Cthulhu Cult" and the Massacre in Santa Fe, Texas, USA The New Criterion May 21, 2018
Contribution to a Bibliography of Anti-Soviet Thought Frontpagemag May 18, 2018
Mueller Releases Indictments, While Our Founder Is Silenced on Anti-Social Media CIP February 16, 2018
Fox News, Twitter Enable Fascist Massacres CIP February 15, 2018
A Quarter-Century After: On Doubting Russian Reform Arguments and Facts International [Moscow-London] January 7, 2018
Our Founder and Social Media CIP December 25, 2017
Who is S. Auden Schwartz? The Boston Globe December 6, 2017
Earthly Beauty November 26, 2017
At The Tomb of the Prophet Samuel (Nabi Samwil) CIP November 21, 2017
10 Theses on the Coup in Saudi Arabia CIP November 5, 2017
Against Fascism, CIP Publishes on Muslim Jewish Life CIP October 30, 2017
'Fake News' Regarding Antiquities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CIP October 24, 2017
We STILL Accuse! CIP September 6, 2017
What Next? After Antifa VOA News September 3, 2017
Greetings for an Antifascist Bajram Illyria [New York] September 1, 2017
'Designating' Antifa a Terrorist Organization Is a Bad Idea National Review August 31, 2017
This Is Our Barcelona Center for Islamic Pluralism August 21, 2017
Homage to Barcelona -- Homenatge a Barcelona -- Amb text en català. Center for Islamic Pluralism August 16, 2017
What you need to know about antifa Jewish Telegraphic Agency August 16, 2017
Why are religious conservatives embracing transgender rights? Transformation -- WHERE LOVE MEETS SOCIAL JUSTICE! August 16, 2017
CIP Executive Director Schwartz on Antifascist Defense -- UPDATE 3 Illyria [New York] August 16, 2017
Syria Has Effectively Ceased to Exist Foreign Policy May 19, 2017
Assad's Hollow Crown The Rubin Center May 9, 2017
The Birth Anniversary of al-Abbas ibn Ali (p) Imam Mahdi Association of Marjaeya April 30, 2017
Who are the Sufis and why does ISIS see them as threatening? The April 28, 2017
The Syrian Sarin Attacks of August 2013 and April 2017 The Besa Center April 26, 2017
Is It True We Did Not Go To the Moon? April 16, 2017
CIP Greetings on International Day of Solidarity With Working Women March 8, 2017
Questions About the 'Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council' The Weekly Standard Blog February 1, 2017
Meet Andrei Lugovoi, Putin's Bloodhound The Weekly Standard Blog January 12, 2017
Kerala Muslims Host International Milad Conference CIP January 7, 2017
Muslim cleric banned in Pakistan is preaching in UK mosques The Guardian/The Observer [London] December 17, 2016
White Supremacist and Radical Islamist Terror Against American Jews and Israelis The Weekly Standard Blog December 10, 2016
In Putin's Shadow Illyria [New York] November 28, 2016
CIP Greetings on the Islamic Ashura and Jewish Yom Kippur Illyria [New York] October 10, 2016
The Cosmopolitan Language of Sufism CIP October 2, 2016
U.S. Sentences Kosovar Albanian ISIS Hacker Ardit Ferizi to 20 Years in Prison The Weekly Standard Blog September 27, 2016
World Sufi Forum Decries Kashmir Terror Attack World Sufi Forum September 19, 2016
ICC Ignores Ideological Motive in Timbuktu Crimes CIP September 17, 2016
CIP Greetings to Muslims on Kurban Bajram/Eid Al-Adha/Eid Ghorban, Islamic Hijri Year 1437 CIP September 12, 2016
Uzbekistan Dictator Islam Karimov Leaves a Complicated Legacy The Weekly Standard Blog September 5, 2016
Sufism in India Today The Huffington Post August 9, 2016
No Saudi Surprises In 9-11 Commission's '28 Pages' The Huffington Post July 20, 2016
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi's Concept of 'Uboodiya' CIP July 17, 2016
Zakir Naik: More Hype than Hope for Muslims CIP July 15, 2016
Ramadan ends in blood Lapido Media [London] July 13, 2016
Srebrenica Genocide: A Legacy of Loss and Denial Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina July 11, 2016
Bangladesh Confronts Radical Islam The Weekly Standard Blog July 5, 2016
Muslims in Kerala, India, Welcome the Night of Power CIP July 2, 2016
South Asians everywhere mourn slaying of religious singer Lapido Media [London] June 29, 2016
A Faint Ray Of Light Through The Darkness The Huffington Post June 21, 2016
Bosnia Seeks Stiffer Penalty for Local ISIS Recruiter The Weekly Standard Blog April 12, 2016
Meet America's Foremost Advocate of Islamic Pluralism Clarion Project April 12, 2016
Now it's undeniable: Deobandi mosques radicalise Britain's Muslims Lapido Media [London] April 6, 2016
The Two Faces of Europe Illyria [New York] April 4, 2016
The Significance of Tasawwuf [Sufism] in Light of Contemporary Global Issues Illyria [New York] March 17, 2016
Attack on Mother Teresa's Nuns in Yemen First Things/First Thoughts Blog March 10, 2016
Brussels Sparks Political Showdown in Kosova The Weekly Standard Blog March 7, 2016
First U.S. Terror Hacking Case Puts Kosovar ISIS Supporter on Trial in Virginia The Weekly Standard Blog February 24, 2016
Saudi Arabia and its links to 'Islamic State' Lapido Media [London] February 12, 2016
Terror and Radical Islam in India and Pakistan Cafe Dissensus [New York] January 21, 2016
Norway Ready to Rid Itself of Radical Mullah Krekar The Weekly Standard Blog January 11, 2016
CIP 2015 Appeal for End-of-Year Donations CIP December 27, 2015
Islamic Pluralism and South Asia CIP December 11, 2015
America's Response to Mass Shootings Is Always Insufficient The Huffington Post December 4, 2015
The Lesson of the Albanians Illyria [New York] November 28, 2015
Islamist Politics and Turkey's Disunity The Huffington Post November 23, 2015
The New Paris Horror and the Putin Trap The Huffington Post November 19, 2015
Blood and Ballots in Turkey TheWorldPost [The Huffington Post and Berggruen Institute on Governance] October 26, 2015
Ashura Greetings – 10th of Muharram 1437 A.H. Illyria [New York] October 24, 2015
The Crimes at Palmyra The Huffington Post September 3, 2015
Kosova vs. Iranians and ISIS The Weekly Standard Blog June 30, 2015
Indian Sufis Versus Wahhabi Infiltrators Sufi Voice of India [SUVOI] June 13, 2015
The Yezidi Sect: ISIS Targets for Death The Huffington Post June 10, 2015
A Model for Moderate Muslims The Huffington Post May 12, 2015
In Kosova, U.S.-Funded Study Gets Response to ISIS Wrong The Weekly Standard Blog April 20, 2015
Over 200 Kosovars Fighting For Islamic State In Iraq, Syria: Report International Business Times April 16, 2015
New Saudi King Displays Candor on Radical Islam The Weekly Standard Blog March 5, 2015
My meeting with Mohammed Emwazi's friend as they sought a radical path The Guardian Online [London] February 28, 2015
U.S. expert: Involvement of Albanians in the Islamic State (IS) harms image of Kosova liberation war Presheva Jonë [Presheva, Serbia] February 27, 2015
Libraries Burning: From Sarajevo to Mosul The Huffington Post February 26, 2015
Bosnian Muslims Take on ISIS The Weekly Standard Blog February 24, 2015
Putin, Al-Sisi, Bosnia-Hercegovina, and Holocaust Remembrance The Huffington Post February 18, 2015
Famous Communists and Islam First Things Blog February 11, 2015
'Freedom for the Ulema:' Interview With Husein efendija Kavazović Oslobođenje [Sarajevo] February 6-7, 2015
Schwartz Letter to Financial Times: Long sentences would give jihadis time to reflect Financial Times [London] January 30, 2015
'Learn to Anticipate, Rather Than Reacting to Events' Bedredin Gusic Blog [U.S.] January 23, 2015
Paris Terror Harms France, Islam, and The World The Huffington Post/Illyria [New York] January 9, 2015
Indian Sufi Condemns Pakistan Massacre Tahreek–e-Tahaffuz-e-Mazarat-e-Auliya Allah December 18, 2014
Indian Muslim Leader Denounces Wahhabism in Peshawar Bloodshed All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board December 17, 2014
Saudi Wahhabism and ISIS Wahhabism: The Difference The Weekly Standard Blog October 21, 2014
Malala Yousafzai and the Future of Islam The Huffington Post October 16, 2014
On Interfaith Dialogue CIP October 1, 2014
#BurnISISFlagChallenge in Kosova Gatestone Institute September 25, 2014
Extreme Wahhabism on Display in Shrine Destruction in Mosul Gatestone Institute August 4, 2014
Sunni Muslims Must Reject ISIS "Caliphate" Gatestone Institute July 20, 2014
Ramadan Amid the New Middle East Crisis The Huffington Post June 27, 2014
German Alevi Muslims Vs. Wahhabis at Macedonian Bektashi Shrine Illyria [New York] May 23, 2014
CIP Greetings to People of the Book on Their Holidays CIP April 14, 2014
UK Government Crackdown on Muslim Radicals Obstructed by Islamists Gatestone Institute December 18, 2013
Iran, Hezbollah, and Obama's Double Betrayal of Syria The Weekly Standard Blog December 4, 2013
Ashura 1435 A.H. – With Mourning and Shame CIP November 14, 2013
Eid Al-Adha – Kurban Bayram Greetings A.H. 1434 CIP October 15, 2013
Al-Qaida Terror Returns to Kenya Gatestone Institute September 30, 2013
Fear of Syrian Sectarianism Spreads Beyond Middle East to Other Muslims The Weekly Standard Blog July 9, 2013
CIP U.S. National Director Muftari Attends American Jewish Committee Summit Illyria [New York] June 27, 2013
CIP Executive Director Schwartz Speaks on Sufi Self-Defense Hudson Institute June 15, 2013
What made two gang members turn to jihad on London's streets? The Observer [London] May 26, 2013
Britain's Feckless, Two-Faced Approach to Radical Islam Gatestone Institute May 8, 2013
The Boston Horrors and Wahhabism in Chechnya The Weekly Standard Blog April 24, 2013
Terror Against Hazara Muslim Minority in Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan The Weekly Standard Blog March 19, 2013
The Future of Afghanistan All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board March 4, 2013
Video shows Syria's ancient synagogue destroyed by regime forces Al Arabiya [Dubai] March 2, 2013
Guilty Verdict of Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal on 1971 Atrocities CIP February 11, 2013
Guilty Verdict of Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal on Abdul Quader Molla International Crimes Tribunal, Dhaka, Bangladesh February 5, 2013
Attacks on Sufi Mystics Warn of Wider Islamist Carnage The Weekly Standard Blog January 31, 2013
Protecting the Children Forced to "Walk Among Snakes" Folksmagazine [India] December 21, 2012
Albania's Abstention on Palestine U.N. Vote and the Islamist Response The Weekly Standard Blog December 14, 2012
Justice and Its Perversion CIP December 2, 2012
Obama, Dobama, And The Price of Ignorance Folksmagazine [India] November 23, 2012
John Christopher Stevens, 1960-2012: A Northern California Hero The Huffington Post October 17, 2012
Iran's 'Think Tank' Outreach The Weekly Standard Blog September 26, 2012
CIP Condemns Wahhabi Atrocities in Libya and Attack on U.S. Embassy in Egypt CIP September 12, 2012
The Legacy of September 11, 2001 CIP September 11, 2012
Educated Professionals and Jihadism in South Asia Folksmagazine [India] September 7, 2012
Somalia's Piracy Compromises Its Neighbors The Weekly Standard Blog August 22, 2012
Study says Kosova Islamic community funded by group linked to terrorism Koha Ditore [Prishtina, Kosova] August 17, 2012
In Pakistan, Ramadan Charity Donations Benefit the Taliban The Weekly Standard Blog August 8, 2012
"X" Factors in Defeating Radical Islam Illyria [New York] July 27, 2012
"X" Factors in Defeating Radical Islam [.pdf] Illyria [New York] July 27, 2012
U.S. Senate Report: UK Bank Dealt Illegally With Iran, Saudi Radicals, and Mexican Drug Dealers The Weekly Standard Blog July 24, 2012
CIP Director Schwartz Replies to Hartford Seminary Letter The Jewish Ledger [Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.] May 9, 2012
How Powerful is Hafiz Saeed? Folksmagazine [India] April 24, 2012
Hartford Seminary's Shameful Ties to Syria's Dictator American Thinker April 15, 2012
Terrorism, History and Muslim-Jewish Peace The Huffington Post April 2, 2012
Shia Muslims Massacred in Pakistan Folksmagazine [India] March 1, 2012
Loudmouth Lunatics on the Loose in Indian Shariah Campaign Folksmagazine [India] February 20, 2012
John Louis Esposito for the Defense (of an Alleged Would-be Terrorist) American Thinker February 17, 2012
Radicalization of Young British Muslims Stonegate Institute February 13, 2012
Bosnia Re-Arrests Top Wahhabi Plotter After U.S. Embassy Attacked The Weekly Standard Blog February 1, 2012
Ashura – The Continuing Martyrdom Folksmagazine [India] December 12, 2011
Islamist Terrorism in Bosnia as Turkish Interference Continues in the Balkans The Weekly Standard Blog November 3, 2011
Reflections on 9/11 Ten Years Later The Canadian Observer Fall 2011
Iranian Murders in the West The Weekly Standard Blog October 18, 2011
Pakistan's Islamist Public Health Crises Hudson Institute New York October 18, 2011
Iranian Regime's Trail of Terror Folksmagazine [India] October 16, 2011
Karzai's Choice Folksmagazine [India] October 9, 2011
The "Blame Game" – Yemen, Pakistan, and America Folksmagazine [India] October 3, 2011
Peace eludes Mideast 30 years after Anwar Sadat's murder Toronto Sun October 1, 2011
Pakistan Vs. America – Still No Accountability Folksmagazine [India] September 26, 2011
Don't airbrush Islamist threat Toronto Sun September 17, 2011
An Interfaith Memorial for September 11, 2001 Illyria [New York] September 15, 2011
9.11: Ten Years Later Folksmagazine [India] September 11, 2011
September 11, 2001: The 10th Anniversary CQ Researcher [Washington, DC] September 2, 2011
'Sufi Approach to Healing 9/11' to cap FIU's week of remembrance FIU News August 25, 2011
9/11 exposes West's moral decay Toronto Sun August 20, 2011
More Islamist Mischief Aimed at Albanian Muslims The Weekly Standard Blog August 17, 2011
Understanding 9/11 a decade later Toronto Sun August 13, 2011
Israel Orders Extradition of Accused Bosnian Serb War Criminal The Weekly Standard Blog August 3, 2011
Norwegian Demons and the Serbian Connection Folksmagazine [India] August 1, 2011
The ramblings of a madman Toronto Sun July 30, 2011
Wahhabism, Terrorism, Islam Islam Sight [Malappuram, Kerala, India] July 25, 2011
Pakistan and America – The Stalemate Continues Folksmagazine [India] July 20, 2011
Terror in Mumbai – Again Hudson Institute New York July 18, 2011
Articles on CIP in the Malayalam Language The Risala Weekly [Kozhikode, India] July 14, 2011
History, Tragedy and Farce NewsGram [India] June 30, 2011
CIP Executive Director Schwartz and Middle East Forum President Daniel Pipes [.pdf] Illyria [New York] June 19, 2011
The Front Line Against Wahhabism in the Muslim Balkans NewsGram [India] June 6, 2011
Moosa and the Madrassas American Thinker May 22, 2011
Pakistani-American Muslim Clerics and the Taliban Hudson Institute New York May 16, 2011
Pakistan: Deceit From the Beginning Toronto Sun May 14, 2011
None the wiser ten years on Lapido Media [London] May 12, 2011
Bin Laden and Pakistan The Huffington Post/NewsGram [India] May 10, 2011
Osama bin Laden did not deserve an Islamic burial The Guardian Online [London] May 7, 2011
Time for Muslims to expunge bin Laden Toronto Sun May 7, 2011
Is America a Nation of Book Burners? The Huffington Post April 13, 2011
Egyptian Muslim Fundamentalists Attack Sufis The Guardian Online [London] April 11, 2011
The Widening War Against Sufism NewsGram [India] April 9, 2011
Sufis, Islam, and Democracy NewsGram [India] April 1, 2011
Urbanised Islam behind Pakistan's Sufi shrine bombings Lapido Media [London] March 15, 2011
NY Police blogger Leonard Levitt NYPD Confidential & The Huffington Post [New York] March 14, 2011
Voice of Moderates in Islam NewsGram [India] March 12, 2011
Kosovar Albanian in Frankfurt Terror Attack The Weekly Standard Blog March 3, 2011
From San Francisco to Sarajevo Pajamas Media February 14, 2011
The Terrorist War Against Islam Academic Questions [New York] January 28, 2011
Flawed tale of Bhutto on sale NewsGram [India] January 28, 2011
Muslims and Christians United Against Terror in Egypt Hudson Institute New York January 19, 2011
Pakistan's morality and moderates after the Taseer murder NewsGram [India] January 14, 2011
Bloody start to New Year Toronto Sun January 8, 2011
The Saudi Succession Threat Frontpagemag December 21, 2010
From Sweden to Macedonia The Weekly Standard Blog December 14, 2010
Attacks on Sufis Continue in Pakistan The Weekly Standard Blog November 8, 2010
Saudi Arabia's Anti-Terror Actions Still Mysterious Hudson Institute New York November 8, 2010
Disgusting silence on church bloodbath Toronto Sun November 6, 2010
Who's Minding the Mosques? The Weekly Standard Blog November 5, 2010
Jordan's Ambiguous Honors to Prominent Muslims The Weekly Standard Blog October 22, 2010
Britain and Pakistan: The Rich Taliban Vs. the Poor Muslim Hudson Institute New York October 15, 2010
Stop quibbling over terror profiling Toronto Sun September 4, 2010
Homegrown Jihadists CQ Researcher [Washington, DC] September 3, 2010
Bangladesh Bans Arch-Jihadist's Writings Hudson Institute New York July 22, 2010
Nasr Hamed Abuzayed (1943-2010) Hudson Institute New York July 20, 2010
Remembering Srebrenica The Weekly Standard Blog July 12, 2010
The İ.H.H. in Germany The Weekly Standard Blog July 12, 2010
Pouring salt in the wound Macon Telegraph [Georgia, USA] July 8, 2010
Zakir Naik: "Peace TV" Calls for Terrorism Hudson Institute New York July 2, 2010
EU Continues to Release Terror Suspects The Weekly Standard Blog June 24, 2010
Reuters: Same Dog, Same Tricks The Weekly Standard Blog June 10, 2010
Texas Textbooks Update The Weekly Standard June 7, 2010
Pakistani Conspiratorialism The Weekly Standard Blog May 17, 2010
Pakistan a breeding ground for Islamism Toronto Sun May 8, 2010
The Times Square Bomb and the Pakistan Connection The Weekly Standard Blog May 4, 2010
Under the Volcano The Weekly Standard Blog April 21, 2010
Bollywood Perpetuating Myths of Muslims Victimized in the West? Hudson Institute New York April 9, 2010
Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, 1928-2010 The Guardian Online [London] March 12, 2010
Muslim groups still MIA on terror New York Post January 19, 2010
Why ignore lessons from years ago? Toronto Sun January 16, 2010
Yemen and How It Got That Way The Weekly Standard Blog January 14, 2010
UK Muslim TV channel linked to al-Qaida cleric al-Awlaki The Observer [London] January 10, 2010
Target the terrorists, not the public Toronto Sun January 9, 2010
Radical Islam in the Balkans VOA News Bosnian Service [Washington, DC] January 8, 2010
It Can Happen Here The Weekly Standard December 28, 2009
Fort Hood: The Saudi Camel in the Room Hudson Institute New York November 25, 2009
Jihad sparked accused Fort Hood killer Toronto Sun November 14, 2009
Is Islam the Problem? National Review Online: The Corner November 11, 2009
'Flying imams' case is settled at our expense [Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN] October 25, 2009
The Harabati Baba Teqe in Tetova Under Wahhabi Attack CIP October 2009
U.S. now wary of Afghanistan mission Toronto Sun September 19, 2009
Jihad from North Carolina to Kosova The Daily Standard August 19, 2009
Lashkar-e-Taiba in America The Daily Standard December 16, 2008
Connecting the dots in Mumbai Toronto Sun December 13, 2008
Murder and mayhem in Mumbai Toronto Sun December 8, 2008
The global force behind Mumbai's agony is in our midst The Spectator [London] December 3, 2008
War of Words The Daily Standard May 30, 2008
Terror on Campus National Review Online September 11, 2007
Bin Laden Looks for an Exit Strategy TCS Daily September 11, 2007
Al Qaeda's New Look The Daily Standard September 7, 2007
Barbarians kill as West drifts Toronto Sun August 25, 2007
Target UK The Daily Standard July 1, 2007
Troubling Roots New York Post June 5, 2007
The Fort Dix Plot and the Turkish Connection Jewcy May 9, 2007
London Plot - N.Y.C. Plotter New York Post May 2, 2007
When Politics Interferes with the War on Terror Family Security Matters February 28, 2007
Is Terrorism Infinite? Family Security Matters January 16, 2007
Radical Islamic Groups Exploit Internet for Jihad Fox News December 21, 2006
‘Islamo-Fascism’ Had Its Moment The New York Times September 24, 2006
Don't LET Up The Daily Standard August 10, 2006
Islam in the Big House The Daily Standard April 24, 2006
Resisting Intimidation: We must protect Muslim reformers National Journal Online April 14, 2006
Death Threats Against a list of Moderate Muslims in the West The Arizona Republic [Phoenix] April 13, 2006
Islamist Death List Includes U.S., Canadian Residents Asharq Al-Awsat [London]/CIP April 12, 2006
A Moderate Voice of Muslim Pluralism with a Washington Address The Arizona Republic [Phoenix] March 25, 2006
Do jihadists hate America because of its freedoms? CQ Researcher [Washington, DC] October 2005
Naming Names The Daily Standard September 21, 2005
Terror on the Internet Tech Central Station August 17, 2005
Zawahiri video broadcast on al-Jazeera Fox News August 5, 2005
Zawahiri's Threats The Daily Standard August 4, 2005
July 21 Bombing Suspects in Custody Fox News: Fox and Friends July 31, 2005
Sunni Condemnation of London Bombings Fox News: Fox and Friends July 18, 2005
Pakistani Radical Islamists: Who's Minding Washington? Tech Central Station July 18, 2005
Muslim Reaction to Terrorism in London Fox News July 16, 2005
London: It's Still the Saudis New York Post July 9, 2005
In the Shadow of London CIP July 8, 2005
The Saudi Arabia Accountability Act of 2005 The Daily Standard June 8, 2005
Getting Uzbekistan Wrong The Daily Standard May 16, 2005
Time to Take Saudi Arabia Seriously The Daily Standard March 14, 2005
The Face of Iraqi Terrorism The Daily Standard March 4, 2005
Saudi "Soldier" New York Post February 24, 2005
Here Comes the Election! Tech Central Station January 28, 2005
New Terror Haven in Iraq? Fox News: Fox and Friends January 15, 2005
Does Bin Laden Seek to Overthrow the Saudi Monarchy? Tech Central Station January 6, 2005
Justice Out of Balance The Daily Standard January 4, 2005
Murderous Monotheists The Weekly Standard October 11, 2004
Russia and the Terror War Tech Central Station September 7, 2004
The U.N. Brings Trouble to Kosova The Weekly Standard May 3, 2004
Suitcase Nukes? Tech Central Station April 8, 2004
The Challenge of European Islam Reforma [Mexico] March 28, 2004
Nuclear Technology Proliferation: Tech Central Station March 22, 2004
Terror's Target is Peace New York Post March 12, 2004
Uzbekistan And The War On Terror Jamestown Foundation Terrorism Monitor March 10, 2004
Jihadists in Iraq The Weekly Standard February 2, 2004
Escape from al Qaeda The Weekly Standard January 12, 2004
The Islamic Terrorism Club The Weekly Standard November 10, 2003
Jihad: The True Belief OpenDemocracy October 13, 2003
The Dysfunctional House of Saud The Weekly Standard August 18, 2003
Wahhabi Fireworks New York Post July 14, 2003
Randall Ismail Royer: Portrait of a Wahhabi Frontpagemag June 30, 2003
CLASSIC CIP: Wahhabi Strain of Islam Faulted The Washington Post June 27, 2003
Edited Replies to Queries from U.S. Senators on Wahhabism U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee June 27, 2003
Saudi Spinning The Daily Standard May 16, 2003
U.N. Go Home The Weekly Standard April 14, 2003
Wahhabism in the War The Daily Standard March 27, 2003
Fear Not the Shias The Weekly Standard March 24, 2003
A Crime in Bosnia The Daily Standard January 16, 2003
The Princess and Her "Charities" The Weekly Standard December 9, 2002
Saudi Stench New York Post December 8, 2002
And the Bandar Played On The Weekly Standard September 8, 2002
All the Hate That's Fit to Print The Weekly Standard July 22, 2002
Our Allies in the Balkans The Weekly Standard June 17, 2002
Wahhabis in the Old Dominion The Weekly Standard April 8, 2002
Not So Holy After All The Weekly Standard December 17, 2001
Wahhabis in America The Weekly Standard November 5, 2001
The "Ladenese Epistle" The Weekly Standard October 29, 2001
The Varieties of Muslim Experience The Weekly Standard October 15, 2001
Saudi Friends, Saudi Foes The Weekly Standard October 8, 2001
The Cup of Bitterness Illyria [New York]/Reforma [México] September 16, 2001
We Should Have Known New York Post September 12, 2001
Meet the Terrorist International The Wall Street Journal Europe August 29, 2001
Muslim Holy Leaders Denounce Terrorism at Meeting San Francisco Chronicle August 13, 1998


Book Title Publication Date
Wahhabi Terrorism or the Sufi Saints' Peace Path
by Shaykh Dr. H. Noor Ahmed Shah
CIP March 17, 2016
On Saudi Arabia: Its People, Past, Religion, Fault Lines—and Future
by Karen Elliott House
The Weekly Standard January 14, 2013
The Honored Dead: A Story of Friendship, Murder and the Search for Truth in the Arab World
by Joseph Braude
The Huffington Post December 22, 2011
The Mind of Jihad
by Laurent Murawiec
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2010
The Other Islam: Sufism and the Road to Global Harmony
by Stephen Schwartz
Illyria [New York] December 14, 2010
Globalized Islam: The Search for a New Ummah
by Olivier Roy
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
Holy War On The Home Front: The Secret Islamic Terror Network In The United States
by Harvey Kushner With Bart Davis
New York Post February 6, 2005
by Daniel Pipes
New York Post November 28, 2003


Title Publication Date
CIP 2013 Appeal For End-of-Year Donations Announcement December 30, 2013
POSTPONED CIP Executive Director Schwartz Washington, DC Event Announcement February 21, 2013
CIP Publishes Revised Shariah Report on Kindle Announcement January 23, 2013
Bin Laden Killed in Pakistan Announcement May 1, 2011
CIP Executive Director Schwartz in Toronto, Canada Announcement March 16, 2011
Declaration on the killing of two American military and injury to two more, in Frankfurt, Germany Announcement March 3, 2011
CIP Denounces Bombing of Egyptian Christian Church Announcement January 1, 2011
Against the Dismissal of Juan Williams from National Public Radio Announcement October 21, 2010
Eid-al-Fitr, A.H. 1431, and The People of the Book Announcement September 8, 2010
Texas State Board of Education Passes New Textbook Standards Announcement May 21, 2010
On Sufism and Wahhabism Announcement May 4, 2010
Memorial Notice for 9/11 Victims Announcement September 11, 2009
RAND's "Building Moderate Muslim Networks" Announcement April 5, 2007
Center for Islamic Pluralism Supports Protest Against Bombing of Iraqi Daily al-Sabah Announcement August 26, 2006

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